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iOS Vs Android: Which is the securest operating system?

iOS Vs Android

If you ever ask iPhone users ‘why they prefer iOS more than Android, the answer will be undoubtedly optimistic like – iPhone is more protected than the Android phone. But who actually is the securest platform of smartphone for the current time. Well, the answer is still blurred.

When you start comparing iOS with Android, the dissimilar configurations and functionalities will be clearly notable. In spite of the fact that, Android is kept on dominating the smartphone market since past couple of years, it is also believed to be more susceptible to malware and cyber assault due to its unbolt and malleable nature. On the other hand, iOS is thought to be more protected because of its limited platform.

However, over the past few year, several cyber attacks have been reported on both the platforms of iOS and Android, making the question “who is the securest OS” stronger and baffling. While Google’s Operating platform – Android with a market share of more than 80% remains dominant in the general smartphone market, Apple’s iOS hasn’t yet touched that height.

Apple, due to its restricted operating platform, is considered to be more protected, in terms of cyber security. But due to the rouse of many cyber attacks hitting both OSs over the past one year, IBTimesUK consulted a number of cyber and smartphone experts to discover how supported both platforms really are.

Craig Young, a security analyst of Tripwire, said, “The consolidation of sensitive personal data on both platforms of Android and iOS has made them a nonaligned focus for malware crusades. While most of the trusted application stores give their best effort to moderate the exposure of their platform to malware, cases of applications slipping past seller audit procedures are not hard to get a hold of”.

Though both iOS and App Store and Google Play Store are extremely regulated and scrutinized in terms of asylum of user’s data, yet Apple has kept on maintaining a clear advantage when it comes to providing the most secure and sheltered download platform for its users.

While commenting on this matter, James Maude, a senior security officer at security firm Avecto said, “Apple over the years maintains robust and stable dominant over its entire ecosystem including the hardware and Operating Systems to screening the applications and add-ons. Though like other platforms, it also witnessed some occasional security issues, with its controlled ecosystem, it has been able to deal with all such concerns, which Android lacks.

Taking the statement further, he said, in the past couple of years, the platform of Android has turned out to be extremely fragmented. Hundreds of different smartphone and smart gadget manufacturers alongside hundreds of devices with different flavours of the Android OS, each containing dissimilar possible vulnerabilities have made Android platform massively splintered to cyber attacks and computer-generated exposures.

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