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A Hindu man and his Muslim wife were hacked to death by wife’s brothers and their accomplice in broad day light in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. The couple was murdered as they refused the decision of Panchayat and decided to stay married.

The couple lived together at the boy’s house in Fatehpur village, 75 km from Delhi. Their families were neighbours since 13 years now. The village is just 70 KMs from Muzzafaarnagar, that had communal riots a year before.

Sonu, 22 year old craftsman and his wife Danishta Begum, 21 were married from last four years, but their marriage was not a court marriage. When girl’s family claimed that they have not yet seen the marriage certificate, the Panchayat ordered them not to live together.

After the orders of Panchayat, Danishta shifted to her parent’s home. However, after a week she went to Sonu’s house to meet him, at that very moment her parents became furious about this.

Her brother Talib slaughtered Sonu to death with his sword openly in full public view. When her sister came to defend her husband, her brother slit her throat as well.

A case has been registered against the culprits. Talib and the girl’s mother surrendered in the police station and now has been officially arrested. Police is still on a manhunt for two brothers of the woman, Tasleem and Asif and their friends Amiruddin and Zaffruddjn that are still absconding.

“The murders were “pre-planned”. The locality is predominantly Muslim and his family is the only scheduled caste family that stays there,” Sonu’s father said.

He further continued “My son was murdered in broad daylight and no one saved him. I will leave the village since I feel unsafe here. We don’t feel anyone here is ready to help us if we get in trouble.”

Rajendra Kumar, the supridendent of police, Hapur said “Caste or religion did not come into play in this murder, since the woman was living with her in-laws for four months. It was disobeying the panchayat that had provoked her family.”

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