Gautam Budhha Staue on Mars suggests intelligent Alien lived in past: UFO Sightings Daily

Alien existed? Buddha Statue found on Mars, claims UFO Sightings Daily

Humans are giving their best shot to find any extraterrestrial living organism. Their efforts seem to be in the right direction as NASA confirmed recently that Mars had rivers in the past, a basic necessity for the existence of life. Last week, another study popped up that said river on the Red Planet carried pebbles up to 50 km away.

Now, UFO Sighting Daily that tracks alien life and posts about UFO Sighting videos and photos from around the world has found an artifact that resembles Gautam Buddha Statue on the Red Planet. The remarkable finding suggests that not only aliens lived on Mars but they were intelligent enough to draw such an artifact. It also shows that they had religion like we have on Earth

The artifact was discovered while observing the photo captured by NASA’s Curiosty rover that is on a mission of searching water on the Red Planet.

In the statue, we can clearly see a face and head turned to its right, with breasts and a plump stomach, shoulders with remarkable detailing. The statue was clicked while Curiosity was surveying rocks in the gale crater.

UFO Sightings Daily member Scott Waring said that NASA has already discovered alien life, but the American space agency is hiding the truth from the world because they will be asked to share the information and technology that they have found.

Following is the video uploaded by Youtube Channel Paranormal Crucible which presented the references of Gautam buddha-like statue on Mars.

Not only Buddha statue, UFO Sightings Daily also reported to find goblin face like structure on the red planet in March this year. What’s interesting about that face was that it had a covering over one eye. By looking at the face, one can easily make out its large eye, eyebrow, nostril, mouth, teeth, floppy ear, and forehead ridges.

goblin on mars The TeCake

Waring says that finding one such structure can be coincidence but he can show more than 50 such cases where statues or artifacts were found with remarkable detailing suggesting the existence of intelligent alien life in the past.

Even though claims of Waring might sound kiddish to some people but it has provided material for conspiracy theorists.

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        • That might actually calm things down… and that would be good, regardless. At least it would be better than the endless in-fighting between the followers of the Abrahamic religions. Though, from my point of view, I would just as soon like to see Taoism become the major global religion as I would Buddhism. Both systems of belief tend to teach a neutralist approach to life, and if the majority of Earth’s inhabitants believed in that way, there would be a lot less wars (at the least), and it would increase the likelihood of humanity evolving Earth into a true utopia… though, it’s more likely still that utopia will not be achieved until humans colonize other worlds and leave Earth’s problems behind.

          Either way, it’s a nice thought, and something to strive toward.

  • The narrator clearly says that the statue could represent a God , but doesn’t mention Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha was never a well built person, he was lean.never really sat on throne..but under a tree. So y the caption says Gautam Buddha like statue?

  • Buddhism is part of Sama Veda, which says Soul/Atma is all.
    From the standpoint of Salvation it is a retrograde religion. It only addresses condition of Human misery, art of living. However Salvation – no rebirth is the Goal of human birth. Born not to be born again.

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