Instagram to launch a new feature supporting videos of longer duration

According to the latest reports, Instagram would soon unveil a space that would support videos of longer lengths. The video and picture sharing app would reportedly feature music videos, scripted shows and much more in a high definition 4K resolution. The videos would be vertically aligned and have full-screen viewing option. Instagram reportedly has been taking suggestions from renowned social media giants and popular content creators to understand the way in which their videos can function in its app.

However, the Instagram users should not hope for videos carrying Netflix Originals quality-like contents. The new feature would be developed aiming at similar type of videos that are found on YouTube. The videos on YouTube have a time length of just five to fifteen minutes and are shot using quality cameras with proper lighting conditions. According to the reports, the average Instagram users would have the provision to post videos of longer duration that is videos having a time length greater than the present sixty seconds limit.

Instagram also has plans of allowing publishers to make money from the long length video contents. Although it would not pay them up-front, but the videos would reportedly have an option for swiping up for opening another link. With this “swipe-up” feature the publishers and content creators can direct the users to their own blogs, websites, event ticketing, or online e-commerce stores. This could form a strong marketing weapon for the video content creators to earn money through Instagram longer duration video feature.

The long duration video space reportedly would show a heap of trending videos and offer an option to “continue watching.” The users would also be able to view the long duration video clips featured close to the Story Highlights circles on the profile of the author. Instagram would not provide the creators a provision of shooting and uploading the long duration videos. The space would only support pre-made videos.

Instagram has not spoken anything yet regarding the name of this new feature and where this feature can be viewed or used. It can reportedly be featured in the “Explore Tab” or in a new tab of its own. It might possibly also come featured within a new distinct app.


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