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Instagram launches QR codes globally

The most popular social media platform Instagram often delights its fans by rolling out new features. This time, the most used social media platform is launching QR codes to the app. Now, social media users are allowed to share and access other profiles via any third-party camera apps by scanning a QR code.

According to the report, the product was originally launched in Japan last year. The motive behind the launch of this product is that organizations can print out their QR code so consumers can scan it quickly to access their Instagram accounts. From there, people can monitor store hours, buy items, or just follow the account.

Any Insta user can generate QR code very easily within no time. For generating the QR code, They just need to go to the settings menu on their profile and tap QR code. They could find nametag there, but eventually, it would become the QR code. Then they can share or save the image. Previously, Instagram had a specific program named Nametags, which were internal QR-like codes and were scannable from Instagram’s camera. The feature is now completely deprecated.

Several other apps have their own QR-like systems such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify.  

QR codes are actually supported by Twitter, but due to the ongoing pandemic, it is not surprising to see that Instagram embraces the more open system. We have reports that  instead of the actual menus, many restaurants have been leaving out their QR codes, and other businesses urge people to scan QR code to load their website. Although Nametags might have been working for this purpose, the QR codes make scanning easier and less reliant for people when using the Instagram camera to access information.


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