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Although it may seem like an absurd idea but, the UK House of Commons has passed the rule in favor of three parents baby technology, which is also known as IVF babies. This is a bold step in order to eradicate mitochondrial diseases in children.

One in 6500 children born in UK suffer from mitochondrial diseases and lose a lot in life because of that. However, it can be eliminated using the IVF baby technique. The outcomes of mitochondrial diseases may include loss of eyesight, ability to walk or being prone to viruses, liver disease, respiratory problems, etc.

The process involves transfer of nuclear genetic material from a mother’s egg or embryo into another donor egg or embryo that needs to have its nuclear DNA removed.

The new embryo will contain nuclear DNA from the intended father and mother, as well as healthy mitochondrial DNA from the donor embryo. This will lead to the birth of healthy babies.

This technique may help about 150 couples in a year in UK, saving them the pain and misfortune of going through their child’s suffering. This disease may not be that common but its effects are adverse and no treatment is available for the same.

This technique is strongly opposed by catholic churches in UK because this process involves killing of an embryo which is a sin in their religion. But nonetheless, the use of the technology has been passed by the UK House of Commons and if somebody wants to get this done, it won’t be a legal issue.

After seeing the success rates of this technique other countries including, USA and Australia, are also looking forward to using this technology in their respective countries.

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