Indians are inspired from their smartphones: Survey

Indians are insepared from their smartphones

Its official that Indians are inspired from smartphones. In a new study, it has been found that India ranks on top among people who use their mobiles to keep tab on their work, even on a holiday, at least once a day. Over 80% Indians do the same followed by Thailand at 74% and Mexico at 65%.

The survey was conducted online in November 2015 by North Star and the results were published in the Egencia/Expedia Mobile Behavior Mobile Index report. Over 9642 people from 19 countries covering North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Europe, aged over 18 years participated in this survey.

According to the reports, 74% of Indians are always on a lookout for free Wi-Fi in a restaurant while holidaying. Around 29% of locals said that they browse through their voice mails, texts and mails for 30 minutes on a daily basis. 1/5th of these persons have confessed on getting annoyed with their partner, if they work on a trip.

Indians also rank first on using their hand held device for work related to office for an hour everyday. 56% of Indians are addicted to their smart phones while traveling, and over 36% of residents carry a portable charger to keep their smart phones from dying while moving from one place to another. Also, 94% of people in China and Taiwan had admitted on placing their highest premium on phones as a travel companion.

Manmeet Alhluwalia, Marketing Head of Expedia India assumes that the reliance on devices has rapidly grown over time and this phenomenon is reflected in the behavior which gets exhibited while traveling.

Worldwide, around 84% of travelers said they want to be able to find information wherever they go. More than half asserted that they would be lost without a mobile device while on holiday, and 35% of them claimed that they utilize their handset more frequently on vacation than at home.

What’s your opinion on this survey? Do Indians really treat their smartphones as second husband/wife? Share your views in the comment section below.

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