Indian travellers spend 50% of their time on social media while on holiday

Indian travellers spend 50% of their time on social media while on holiday Mobile Travel Tracker survey noted that travellers were busy in spending their 50% time on using smartphones even when they are on vacation and want to miss out anything on social media sites.

The survey also showed that 95% of Indian travellers pass their time on Facebook majorly as compared to the other social media networking sites. In addition, Indian travellers typically used an average two and half hours on social media networks in which Facebook was on the top.

The survey mentioned that when generally people think about the vacation or spending some time in the different area, they wish to spend time in relaxing around the pool, or roaming around the city and enjoy the attractions of a new city. But in reality, including global and local travellers, they spend more hours sticking to their phones as compared to other things.

The global study was done among 9,200 travellers around 31 countries. The survey noted, “While away on a holiday we turn into social media show offs, use mobile to search for our next meal and have Facebook face-offs with our travel companions.”

In spite of taking rest and enjoying themselves on a vacation, most travellers still faced a fear of missing out somewhere in the city, which makes them post a comment just so they removed fear from their heart while they are away. On searching anything while on a vacation, food is the main factor for Indian travellers. The survey added that most Indian globetrotters agreed that their device was their main source of info while away from their home. When it searches any content, they search for tasty food choices over top cities.

The survey observed that food markets and restaurants are commonly famous searches (80%) while away. Other popular searches are tourist attractions (59%), maps and directions (53%), public transport (33 %), local beaches (32%). Senior Director of Mobile Dan Craig said that for travellers, the mobile users start from the booking, as 42% people in their study have chosen and registered a hotel room via Mobile. Therefore, it is no shocking that today’s modern travellers are so reliable on their mobile devices. As technology is enhancing, it is creating a more indispensable travel experience.

The survey also recommended that some travellers spend their time on using their mobile than exploring the sights or enjoying the sun, as he added.

But, tourists really spend their time looking at their device to search for restaurants or to stay connected with the world. Craig added that only 40% people might have agreed that they used their smartphones to upload their photos on social media channels and make their friends or relatives jealous and show off to the others by posting selfies or pic.

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