Indian Tech students develop a wearable that can perceive fear and send SOS

Indian Tech students develop a wearable that can perceive fear and send SOS

While women’s safety in India has turned out to be one of the biggest issues, a group of engineering students has come up with a revolutionary wearable device that can detect panic situations and send SOS, without any physical help. According to the tech report published in Economic Times, the group of engineering students including Nitin Vasanth, Fausya Amalh, Athul B Raj and George Mathew has invented a pioneering prototype earphone-shaped electroencephalogram, which is commonly recognized as ECG, device. This device can detect the panic circumstances of the mind and without taking the help of hand; it can send emergency messages to the contacts.

The new device is named as Neurobuds, and it is a type of wearable that can be used as a connector between the brain and a smartphone of the user. Once connected successfully, the device can automatically detect dread feelings of the punter by brain analysing and quickly send the signal to trigger an SOS. However, it needn’t any physical involvement to be operated. The device once received the message of panic will automatically start making SOS calls and messages.

Commenting on this development, George Mathew, one of the developers said, “We have used four electrodes in the device that get into both ears of the users and started taking sample data brain of the user and transmit them to the smartphone that runs an application we have invented. Once data are received, the app starts processing it with algorithms.

As said by the lead developer of this team, each day, the cases of woman aggravation and sexual harassment are grabbing the headlines. In such situations, a woman or girl can neither take out of her phone nor make a call, and such incidents prompted him and his friends to develop a smart wearable for women safety.

The project has already won the title of ‘innovation to empower women’ award at the fifth season of Accenture Innovation Jockeys and is expected to become a better safety option for women.

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