Harsh Vardhan wants scientists to conduct research in common man’s welfare

Indian scientists should develop technologies that will benefit common man, Harsha Vardhan

At an event held at Raman Research Institute in Bengaluru on Friday, Dr. Harsh Vardhan urged Indian scientists to conduct a research and develop technologies that are relevant to the common man, which can improve their life. He further suggested that scientists across the country should have to bridge the gap between high-tech scientific developments and common man so that every development welfare in life of every country citizen in some way or other.

“Scientists should focus on developing technologies to improve the life of the common man and coming months would see each of the laboratories focusing its resources on developing specific lines of inventions,” said Harsh Vardhan. He further wants, Indian scientsts to think out of the box and develop simple yet useful technologies in welfare of common citizens

He urged for a mechanism where scientists would work under time frames to achieve their targets and would design efficient methods to develop industry-driven technologies. While summoning talented Indian scientists, he urged them to develop at least one technology for laboratories in India and make them more advance.

Harsh Vardhan wants Indian scientists to play the role of a catalyst in the development of India by developing technologies that will benefit every citizen in the country. While boosting confidence of scientists, Harsh Vardhan said that he would request central government to allocate more fund for the research and development of new technology.

This isn’t the first time that BJP minister was laying emphasis on development of technology. Previously, while speaking at the 12th international Symposium on Antarctic Earth Science in Panaji., he said that Indian scientists should think ‘out of the box’ so that research could be done that will benefit mankind. He pointed towards 350 million poor people living in the country and said that scientists can come out with easy and innovative solutions that will benefit these poor people and will make their life easier.

First published on Sunday, August 23, 2015, 07:13 AM

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  • Inventions are required to be made to meet the needs of common men (and indeed of other sections such as technicians and engineers). They need not be scientists or technologists described as such because they generally work in organisations “devoted” to scientific or engineering research (often with little or incommensurate output to show). Rather, inventors can be humble workers at any level in factories or cottage industries, unorganised professions like hair cutting, ploughing, household gadget repairing, …, or just curious people who keep experimenting with inadequate funds and tools. History of inventions easily bear out this truth. Once such simple people come out with some highly useful invention, especially ones that are of great commercial potential, they may patent theirbinventions, and are honoured with Doctirates, and awards, etc. This culture of invention long ago disappeared in India. Japan, China, many European countries continue to appteciate this truth and to support this section of real inventors. Thus it is high time our society and government devise strategy and methods to tap the potential for invention in our country which is tremendous but remains stifled due to the futile and persistent faith in the relatively highly paid ‘research and development’ employees.

  • ……… to conduct researches and ……………..

    Can The TeCake explain how to conduct ‘researches’ in contrast to ‘conduct research’

  • Inventions cannot be done on the instructions of managers. These targets are just not implementable. When electron was discovered it may not have been directly useful.


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