Indian scientists should conduct research that are in public interest, Dr Harshavardhan

Indian scientists should think ‘out of the box’ so that research could be done that will benefit mankind, said Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan while speaking at the 12th international Symposium on Antarctic Earth Science in Panaji.

He pointed out towards 350 million poor people living in the country and said that scientists can come out with easy and innovative solutions that will benefit these poor people and will their life easier. He achknowledged the fact that Indian scientists aren’t behind any nation and have conducted several reseaches and developed new technologies in past decade but he questioned that how many of that researches have actually benefited the society? He further added, that if technologies and other development are’t in interest of public or does nothing to improve the life quality of a common man, then they are of no use.

To overcome this problem he suggested scientists to first address the needs of the common man and then do researches accordingly. This way every research and development will be in interest of the public.

“There are nearly 350 million people living below poverty line and I feel science has solution to many of their problems. Significant part of our research should contribute in resolving the problem that common men suffer,” he said.

He further added that India has gained lot of international reputation recently with missions like Mangalyaan but have failed to address the needs of Indian people. India has a vast pool of scientists and engineers and they are capable of taking countries to new heights with their innovative ideas and Modi government has given highest priority to ideas, said Dr Harshavarshan. Modi government aims to make India a science power, he said.


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  • prabhu

    good comments from Dr Harshvardhan.Public fund should go back to public in form of technology benefecial to common man.

  • Sam

    But what public needs had been fulfilled with Mangalyaan? Since the entire project has nothing to do with direct public benefit, should we now see India government folds its space mission altogether? Why is India in Antarctic Earth Science at all? India is a tropical country. Our politicians all seem to waggle their bifurcated tongues: scream about public benefit to justify education budget cuts and dearth of funding for fundamental research (on the ground they don’t benefit public), and then support for selected top class projects, which provide no direct public benefits. How long this thing will continue?

    • Brahmis Jokers Partu

      India broke all records by spending 100 crores per photo of Mars. Mangalyan took just 4 photos, that too blurred and then photo shopped heavily, even then blurred for 470 crores(only). That was planned by BJP which had taken over the decision making just after the 2009 victory in Sri Lanka. All decisions after that were taken by BJP even though UPA was ruling

      • hitler

        Are you dumb?? Is it possible that such a big mission could have ended with just 4 blurred photos??? Grow up kiddo and use your brain. Mangalyaan clicked several thousand photos and NASA’s Maven too clicked thousands of photos of Mars,

        • DFG

          Are you having all those photos stuffed in the cistern of ISRO toilets, you idiot. Go and see the ISRO site, you fool. Some douche bags like you will never believe even if it shot into the brain.

    • anonymous

      Well Sam Mangalyaan project was in public interest. It brought fame and prestige to India and with that came several projects and business deals. Recently ISRO launched 5 British satellites.Thus, the indirect money earned can be used for other reseaches that are in public interests. In fact India needs such marvelous projects like MOM, it showed the world what Indian scientists are capable of..

  • Brahmis Jokers Partu

    Harshvardan and his Brahmin incompetents should get out of scientific and engineering projects and go back to temples and get employed as priests. The rest of the Brahmins can do the worlds oldest profession

    • Eyjafjalla

      By the way, he is not a Brahmin but a BC. You on the other hand are the lowest of the low – probably a linguistic fanatic chauvinist Tamilian with heart full of hatred and poison against humanity. I recognize your kind having faced such people in my life many a time.

  • AMP

    Good scientists from our Country go abroad since Government system here have corrupted even scientific world with red-tapism. Those who have faced the grant-reviews know it! The Babus want the TA DA bills to be signed on empty reimbursement challans so that they can write what they want and make money!

    Dear money-makers, please let at least this field uncorrupted. We Indians are really smart but are bogged down with so much non-sense bureaucracy. God help these empty promises to be fulfilled in real!

  • Ganesan Kodangudi

    People who are genuinely interested in scientific research & development understand the need for R&D investment. Who thought that attempt to land on moon [this was originally is a competition between super powers] will revolutionise computer technology to the extent in India even the remotest village has cell telephone.
    Dr. P. NILAKANTAN was the head [was only a dy. dr] in civil aviation dept. The civil aviation dept would not make him Director.. He left the civil aviation dept, became principal of college in Pilani.He started a small project on windmill as a CSIR project in Technical centre where he worked in civil aviation.[ By the way, this cenre has been closed now by the dept]’
    He had drawn grand scheme in wind power generation. Had it been allowed to grow, India in 70 yrs would have enough electricity without oil shortage.

  • Eyjafjalla

    So that third rate illiterate and uneducated politicians like him can keep doing things inside the box – that is, counting the stacks of cash bundles that is inside the box?

  • 1. These comments are not read by the Hon’ble Minister, or top Government officials. 2.Even if they read, they just ignore them. 3. No official e-mail of the Hon’ble Minister is available to contact him.

    India has many noteworthy institutions like TIFR, IISc, AIIMS etc. A few thousands of research papers are being published annually from India. Some of the papers have high citations. Mostly, the top positions are occupied by well-trained foreign returned scientists. The reasons are many why no native scientist could get a Nobel Prize after Sir C.V. Raman?

    1. No Government agency such as DST, scientific association or Academy monitors whether any scientist has done a breakthrough research in any field of science.

    2. Even if they know some breakthroughs were done, fellow scientists and top officials just ignore as if they have no knowledge. Those scientists are totally neglected, and their years of research goes into oblivion, instead of offering necessary support and recognition.

    3. At the same time, we hear top officials issue false statements to press, hiding India’s spectacular accomplishments. One such claim is that China has published more number of research papers than India. They ignore the fact that scientific breakthrough or a discovery brings credit to the country and not simply number of papers and citations.

    4. Truly speaking, India has reported discoveries in physics in 2010, 2013 and 2015 in five subjects of physics: nuclear physics, X-ray physics, atomic spectroscopy, solar physics, Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity, atmospheric physics and planetary temperatures. But, no top physicist or Government official shows any interest to know what India’s noteworthy accomplishments are. This is most unhealthy or dangerous trend currently seen in India.

    5. Our top research institutions are rated low internationally. Since India does not care to declare what it has achieved in the recent past, others have a chance to show India as a poor performer. The truth is when no top Institution in the world could do six discoveries in the last 100 years, a small Defence Laboratory under DRDO at Jodhpur claimed to have done fundamental physics discoveries, including a new atomic phenomenon in its technical Report in 1997. The PTI news reported the discovery of light emission from radioisotopes in Indian Dailies in April 1997. Then the question arises, what happened to that research? None is interested to know from India. This is the sad story of science in India.