Decrypted communication messages between Indian Mujahideen (IM) and al-Qaeda have triggered intelligence agencies in New Delhi- it appears that both the groups are working together to launch a major attack in the region. Officials suspect that these agencies also did the attacks on Wagah Attari border.

“It is the Afghan drawdown, there is a competition to do something spectacular. Wagah was the first,” the officer said.

The officials told TeCake that the plans of the terrorist agencies are to make India a country like Syria and Iraq where violence happens almost every other day. The terrorist groups have made living there a misery.

“The thing we are looking for is how al-Qaeda/ISIS tie up with local groups, especially as the drawdown takes place in Afghanistan,” said Sharad Kumar, head of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the country’s main counter-terrorism arm.

However, the Indian Security Agency said “evidence they had gathered pointed to growing ties between al-Qaeda and IM, a home-grown movement hitherto known for low-level attacks on local targets using relatively crude weapons like pressure cooker bombs.”

“It has been clear for some time that there is no group that is fully within ISI control. They are all itching for independent action, some want to have a go at us immediately,” said an Indian security official.

The terrorists of these organisations are also threatening Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, saying that they will take revenge for the killings of muslims in Kashmir and Gujarat state. Current PM was the former minister of Gujarat, and the terrorist groups are inclined to threaten him and the entire country. Pakistani officials are denying to have any contacts with the terrorists, but is relatively hard to believe.

“This is an outdated story. It does not serve any purpose for Pakistan to support such groups,” said a senior intelligence official in Islamabad

The government has also set Kolkata on a high alert due to these warnings. More information of which can be seen here.

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