Indian MotorCycle launches new Chief Dark Horse

Chief Dark Horse 2015 tecake

The American Motorcycle manufacturer, Indian has recently launched the Indian Chief Dark Horse for it’s customers in India. Even before the official launch, the rumored pictures of the motorcycle were spotted on the internet, suggesting the possible launch worldwide. The bike was, however, officially revealed on February 14, 2015 at Chicago in the Dark Horse Challenge. Some of the bikers got a sneak peak with their potential Valentine at the launch ceremony.

The Chief Dark Horse, as the name might suggest, is mainly matte black in appearance, with some shiny chrome accessories. The cruiser is built on the same Indian Chief platform and features the Chief’s monstrous 111-cubic-inch thunder-stroke engine. Unlike Harley Davidson, with whom the bike will act as a direct rival, Indian will provide its customers with tons of customization and accessory options to choose from. This will make every Chief Dark Horse unique in its kind.

The Chief Dark Horse is the latest addition to the Indian Motorcycles’ catalog after the launch of the Indian Roadmaster. The bike is powered by the same 1811cc engine found in its flagship model, the Chief Classic. The bike is equipped with all the necessary features like keyless ignition, Anti-lock Braking System, which makes it skid-proof, and the Cruise Control to make is suitable for all running conditions.

As mentioned earlier, customers get to customise their bikes fully with tons of accessories, like a luggage rack, and if they do not like the standard chrome accents, they can be replaced by the gloss black subtle accents, making the bike completely dark. Customers can also opt for Big Sucker air intake, which boosts the overall performance of the cruiser and also a Slip-on exhaust kit for bikers who like to listen to their machines roar.

The Chief Dark Horse will be priced at Rs 21.99 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) available at the Indian Motorcycle showroom.

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