Xi Jinping Tecake

Xi Jinping is rumored to visit Pakistan on Pakistan’s National Military Day on 23rd March. This has been viewed by India as an attempt to pull sides after India and USA seemed to have harmonized and getting closer by the day with Obama’s visit.

Information states that China-Pakistan relations are developing quickly, and they are becoming fast friends. These two countries are alleged to be forming close high-level exchanges, and leaders of the two nations meet with each other on a frequent basis.

Xi Jinping is also planning to visit the USA to discuss a new model for developing major country relations. But it is being assumed as hoax by many and viewed as manipulating USA to win a majority over India and make sure that they hold the stronger end.

Xi had said that the relationship with the USA will be done on the basis of proper understanding and trust. He hopes to respect each other’s interests and boundaries. If the things pan out the way, he has planned the operation they are planning might be a success and may lead to a better and globalized world.

India has had a very delicate relationship with China and is always on the verge of war with the country. China might be up to some tricks up its sleeve to outdo India in order to gain momentum and winning a hand over the country.

Now what China has in mind with all these things cannot be determined right now but let us hope that whatever it is, it doesn’t involve any wars with their neighboring countries for India might be their top choice. But maybe Xi Jinping is looking out for the betterment, and the greater good of the world might be a good thing to think.

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