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India is ready to submit its comprehensive and ambitious contribution on reducing emissions to protect our environment just before the birth of Mahatma Gandhi a.k.a. “Bapu”, said Environment Minister Javed Prakash. The event will just coincide with the birth anniversary and will be a tribute to the symbol of non-violence.

Javedkar said that humans have led to environmental changes and ecological imbalance and only their intelligence and collective effort can reverse the changes and bring out solutions that are in welfare of all.

On October 1, India will submit Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) in Bonn and will declare it in New Delhi. It is also the last date for nations to submit their commitments, thus India wants to delay this as much as possible to make it coincide with Gandhi’s anniversary.

While stating Gandhi as one of the first environment thinkers who cared for protecting forests, environmental balance and talked of sustainable development, Javedkar said that India’s INDC’s is inspired from Gandhi and is very much comprehensive, balanced and ambitious. He further explained that there is special emphasis on mitigation, adaptation and finance technology.

He said that India wants to actively participate in solutions to climate change. In addition, India will be focusing in reducing carbon emission by developing new technologies, increasing use of environment-friendly renewable sources of energy, having more carbon sync, etc.

Previously Javedkar had attended a luncheon meeting with UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon on climate action. State Heads and Foreign Minister including US Secretary of State John Kerry and French President Francois Hollande were also present in the meeting.

In the meeting, Hollande raised the issue of finance and said that unless developed nations fulfill their commitment of finance, the Paris talks can fail also. It was complemented by many environment enthusiasts including Mr. Javedkar. He further added that cost of climate action plan would be be more than 100 billion dollars per year and might reach trillion dollar.

Javedkar warned developed world to do most of the funding for protecting climate as it’s the developed world who had led to this situation and due to their deed entire world including the poor countries are facing the challenges.

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