Obama to visit India on republic day

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, also known as the “World’s Most Powerful Man” is going to visit India on 26 January for prestigious Republic day parade as a chief guest. For the first time ever there will be women participating in the R-day parade displaying the charisma of women power.

Obama asked India to make No Fly Zone over Rajpath, where R-Day parade will be performed, but in the trial of the parade it was seen that fighter planes were doing their show. Obama also said that he will be taking his own snipers with him for his security,however, India rejected his proposal by saying that there will be India’s VIPs in that parade so India will try their best to ensure that no unwanted act takes place and also there are chances of miss coordination between Indian security officers and US security officials if they do come.

Previously Obama had sent his officials to Love Monument i.e. Taj Mahal to check the security when he was scheduled to visit the Taj. However due to call from Saudi Arabia he has cut short his stay in India and he will not visit one of the seven wonders of the world.

Obama’s official vehicles i.e. the Air force one and the ground force one will be ON till he stays in the country as the precautionary measure just in case Obama needs to return in the event of an emergency.

Obama also warned PAK that if any kind of terror attack takes place in India from the PAK side, he will take strict actions and will not despair any terrorist group. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh also said that India is not Afraid of Pakistan.

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