India topped the list of ‘most app download’ from Google Play in 2016

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According to information published through analyst firm App Annie, India has surpassed the US and has been ranked number one in downloading applications from Google play store in 2016. This is published in 2016 Retrospective report of App Annie.

The report also showed that despite India’s market having only 30% penetration capacity, the current economy is showing a greater aspect for future growth of smartphone industry. In the list, the first position is captured by India, followed by the US at the second position and Brazil at the third position. 2016 saw in total, 6 billion downloads from Google Play store which was much more than the previous year.

However, when it came to calculating the topper list of paid app downloaders, India did not come even in top 10. This showed that population in India are not that much keen to spend money on paid apps as people do in other countries. In this criteria, Japan topped the list followed by the US and South Korea at second and third positions respectively.

In one of its statement, the report cited that people in US and Japan are exploring the way of maximising the utilisation of application to gain more profit while people in India and Indonesia are still considering a larger amount of downloading as credit.

On the global point of view, the report told that the application download has been increased by 15% and the time people spent on these applications has been increased by 25% as compared to 2015. This indirectly has helped the market of iOS and Google play to up their revenue by 40%.

Now, if the revenue amount of iOS market from different countries will be taken into consideration, China has emerged as the winner. The report is also predicting 2017 to witness the even bigger revolution in the profit market of application developers.

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