India needs serious efforts toward environmental issues for its own national security

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India is a participant of the recent climate action agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as the Paris Agreement. The nation has taken certain noteworthy steps as its dedication towards climate concerns, through its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) to carbon reduction.

India is a lawful contender in the global issue of climate change. However, it’s not just the noteworthy effort by the nation, depicting its part in the future of international geopolitics and economic development; rather, it’s crucial in terms of assuring the welfare of its huge population.

But, the nation’s potential towards its susceptibility towards changing climate is certainly not dragging due attention. Gradually, it is growing as a serious threat towards the security of the nation. More than that, the greater environmental weakness and climate change threats of its neighbor in the territory are also obvious to be adding stress towards the continuing regional chaos.

It’s a fact that the nation is currently at an absolutely undesirable state in terms of issues like pollution, population, air damage, water quality, etc. The prevailing factors, which is already turning things sour in all manners is the descending process of the monsoon, which can also be linked with pollution. Growing weather challenges, like increasing temperature and heavy rains, have started combining with the expanding sea level and threats of cyclones. Such scenarios have turned greater threats to both rural and city life.

Concern of climate change in national security can only be addressed by addressing the complexities of the environmental change impacts. Issues of water pollution are closely linked with the food and power production. The serious challenge of infectious epidemics that outbreak the nations like India is currently being made devastating through chronic disease morbidity.  In case of water, the qualms in future predictions of rain under global warming have become a bigger issue. The growing weather issues are making things even serious than the temperature rise, which is certainly leading towards even worse scenarios in coming future.

Environmental concerns are indeed equivalently worse in almost every nation around the globe. Growing temperature has turned a serious threat to the cooler parts of the world as well. In such scenarios, the nations need to understand the new definition of national security. Standing at the borders with weapons is indeed crucial for the nation’s safety. However, each neighboring nations should forget about boundaries when it comes about environmental threats as of such.

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