India-Google made allaince ILIA to support Multi-lingual web content

India-Google made allaince ILIA to support Multi-lingual web content

With an aim to increase internet accessibility in India, Information & Broadcast Minister Prakash Javedkar along with Google and 18 other Internet industry partners, launched the Indian Language Internet Alliance (ILIA) in Delhi, on Monday. With ILIA Google is willing to provide a new platform that will support different languages including Hindi, in a country full of diversity.

According to Google, this mission will add another 300 million internet users by 2017 in the country. The company is willing to promote contents in different languages as the majority of the population in India country does not speak English.

According to a report presented by Facebook this year, India currently has 189 million internet users and is expected to reach the milestone of a whopping 500 million users by the end of 2018. More than 5 million internet users are added each day, most of them use their mobile as primary source to access net,  ILIA can further boost up the numbers provided by the Facebook and number of Internet users may reached up to a mammoth 800 million mark.

The new alliance will develop revolutionary Google voice search in Hindi and content in multiple languages for millions of web users. They are also planning to make Hindi keyboard with multiple fonts. This not only will promote the internet usage but also will make it easier to surf net for first-time internet users.

Mr. Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President, Google India, said, “Google is not a company that caters only to the English-speaking crowd. We are truly a global company and feel a sense of responsibility to every Internet user in the world.”  Mr. Singhal has rewritten most of the Google’s search algorithms.

“We are very adaptive and have accepted new technology and techniques, be it in the farm or our workplace. It just has to be easy,” said Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Prakash Javadekar. On the optimistic note, minister said that this revolutionary step will break language-barriers and will access of online information easier.



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