Goverment closes Taj Mahal on Obama’s visit

Taj Mahal

DELHI: India is preparing for Obama’s visit, Government ordered that Taj Mahal will be closed on 27 January when Obama will be in Agra, and there are chances that Yamuna expressway may also remain closed for normal traffic on the same day. The closing of Yamuna expressway is just as a backup for a backup route for US President Barack Obama is case there is any problem with the pre-planned air route of Obama. There will also be a cut-short in the passenger planes through the air route of the US President. Obama will visit this monument of love and one of the seven wonders of the world the day after attending the R-Day Parade.

“If the flight option fails, then a contingency plan of a road route will be there whereby whichever road is identified will be stopped for traffic for a few hours before the dignitary takes the route,” sources said indicating security establishment’s preference for Yamuna Expressway in such an eventuality. An underground construction work has also been stopped around a kilometer away from the Taj. Meanwhile, security in Agra is also at an all time high as all the vehicles entering and leaving the city are thoroughly examined by police.

Obama has become a household name here in Agra as everyone from rickshaw driver to any shop owner braces up to welcome him. Many hotels in Agra have already been booked for the stay of Obama’s security personnel.

Government today said that heavy security forces have been deployed in the city as more CCTVs have been installed in the city and more CISF personnel have also been deployed. It seems that the government wants to take no chance for any mishap on Obama’s visit. Such a heavy security denies all the chances of any intrusion planned by evil spirits.

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