India enriches itself with new glory: Entrust Paris Environment Change Pact

India enriches itself with new glory: Entrust Paris Environment Change Pact

The growing volume of greenhouse gasses is no doubt fueling the global warming and India is one of the highest contributors of greenhouse gasses. While the rate of greenhouse gasses are continued driving Indian atmospheres in a dubious and hazardous track, Indian Government back in 2015, has signed a deal to fight with the harsh impacts of global warming by restraining the production of greenhouse gasses in the country. The mounting rate of global warming has already created a profound adverse impact on the ecology of the country, and the historic Paris Climate change deal is a great step to bring some encouraging changes in the harsh conditions.

As previously reported by Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, India was slated to amend the Paris Protocol on environmental change on the promising event of Gandhi Jayanti and on second October, Sunday; Indian government authoritatively embraced the Paris Climate change pact alongside other 195 nations.

India already started bagging lots of praises for this historic step towards a safe and pollution-free society and the recent approval was received from the President of the US – Mr. Barak Obama. US President Barack Obama took the social messaging platform Twitter to eulogize this glorious step of India and Mr. Modi on Sunday and shook his hand with other leaders of the world to appreciate India for sanctioning the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

On Sunday, US-President Mr. Obama took Twitter to express his cheerfulness and praise for India and twitted that – “Gandhiji believed in a world worthy of our children. In joining the Paris Agreement, @narendramodi & the Indian people carry on that legacy.”

While replying to Mr. Obama on this tweet, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi tweeted, “Care & concern towards nature is integral to the Indian ethos. India is committed to doing everything possible to mitigate climate change.”

This extraordinary step of Mr. Modi will drive India on a historical path of growth and development in both ecological sect and socialization of the country while making it more developed and safe place to breathe.

Apart from Mr. Barak Obama, the General Secretary of UN, Ban Ki-moon also praised India and Mr. Modi for this magnificent movement and said that “Sabhi Bharatiyon ko dhanyawad (I thank all Indians), and expressed his feeling in Hindi and thanked India for passing the momentous climate deal on 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti. Ban also said that this momentous step will drive India on a sustainable path of development and progress and will move it a step closer towards achieving the perfect climate goal by 2020. Moon published a video message on the United Nations news center for appreciating India for this notable movement.

To recall, in late 2015, during the UN Conference COP21 held in Paris, 195 nations from all over the world signed on the first universal and legally compulsory environment agreement according to which all of the 195 countries will embark an international activity plan to restrain the global warming below 2°Celsius and maintain the world’s progress on a sustainable path. The complete version of the deal is expected to go into power in 2020.

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