India and 26 other nations to develop early earthquake warning system to save human casualities

India is heading 27 nation team in developing a model for early earthquake warning system. With the early warning system, researchers will be able to predict occurrence of an earthquake few seconds before which will give enough time to the people to move to a safer place and escape the wrath of deadly earthquake.

In addition to developing a model, India will also launch a satellite dedicated to observe surface displacement related to earthquake by 2019. According to reports, the satellite would be able to measure the surface displacement up to few centimeters and would send those images back to Earth for prediction of an earthquake.

In an official statement, Shailesh Nayak, secretary of the ministry of earth science said, researchers from 27 countries are working under the leadership of India to develop the ambitious early warning system for earthquake that will predict and warn few seconds prior of quakes.

Nayak further added that if everything runs fine then they will be able to develop a model which eventually will reduce the number of human casualties substantially. While explaining he said that several changes occur beneath the earth before an earthquake occurs and we need to develop parameters to observe these changes so that quakes can be predicted. He further added that apart from observing through a satellite, researchers will also bore wells to put sensors and other equipments to observe several physical and chemical changes in the seismically active regions in the country.

The plan came out after 27 nations held a detailed discussion over the subject at a summit on ‘Combating Earthquake Disasters’ in Kolkata on Tuesday. Representatives from National Disaster Management Authority, IIT Kharagpur, DDG (Seismology) India Meteorological Department, etc were present in the summit.

Moreover, Indian is earthquake prone country where 22 states have chances of occurrence of quakes of variable intensities. 11 earthquakes of magnitude five and above on Richter scale had shaken the country in last ten years.

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