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In a report, ‘Internet of India 2015’ published by The Internet and Mobile Association of India(IMAI) and IMRB International reveals their findings, which deals in the study of increase in number of Internet users in India. The study was on the statistics of growth of mobile Internet, Internet access in rural areas and in how much frequency people use it. It also suggests that India will overtake US and be the second-largest country having a large number of Internet users by this December.

“Currently, India has the third largest Internet user base in the world but it is estimated that by December, India will overtake the US (as the second largest base), ” the report said.

According to the findings, with a hike of 49 percent as compared to last year, India will have 402 million Internet users by December 2015, while, the figure was 317 million, last month. China having tech-obsessed citizens, is maintaining its position to the top with over 600 million Internet subscribers.

“While Internet in India took more than a decade to move from 10 million to 100 million and 3 years from 100 to 200 million, it took only a year to move from 300 to 400 million users. Clearly, Internet is mainstream in India today,” it further added.

The emerging market of smartphone in India could be the reason of the exponential hike in the Internet user count throughout the country. As 94 percent of urban users access the Internet with their handheld devices, which leads in a growth of 65 percent of mobile Internet to reach 197 million subscribers.

While, only 64 percent users prefer desktops or laptops for browsing, across the country. Also, 90 percent of mobile Internet users consider it as a primary device to surf Internet.

It is also reported that Internet is majorly accessed for entertainment, Social networking and online communication, while only 24 percent in urban regions and 5 percent in rural areas it is being used for online shopping.

In addition, it is being expected that the figures will further increase exponentially by the next year as it also suggested that non-users surveyed in the 35 cities as part of this study, 11.4 million of them are willing to access the Internet in the next one year, meanwhile, around 3.8 million of them were intending to do so through smartphones or tablets.

Internet in India 2015 - The TeCake

First published on: November 18, 2015, 08:56 PM
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