Assessing images from the camera that is on the Juno spacecraft of NASA that is currently orbiting around Jupiter has become a sort of cottage industry like the rank amateurs,  experienced researchers and accomplished artists turn towards “drawing” images into different shots that range from whimsical to eye catching spectacle and all in between.

The only question till now is, to what extent are they accurately reflecting the reality, and is there any other way for the normal observer for analysing the results?

The JunoCam Imager, unlike the other spacecraft of NASA aboard the Juno spacecraft, was installed in the scientific objectives of the mission that depends on a suite of 8 number of other instruments for studying the interior structure of Jupiter, its magnetic fields and gravity along with the immediate environment.

The images captured by JunoCam are lightly analysed by the builder of the camera- Malin Space Science Systems of San Diego and immediately released the images online.  The consequences that follow after posting is all up to the public.

“Once it goes into their hands, we have no control after that. We cannot also exert any control over what people do with the data,” stated Candy Hansen who is the lead in handling JunoCam instrument and a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute. “Thus we have got everything right from the minute scientific sort processing to the amazing whimsical art work. Thus, it is a little too much for you, which can be regarded as a situation of buyer behaviour.”

Even then, she added, “we are all present in the sense that I do not have any team of scientists and the processors for the images in the waiting line for the cases where the public does not come up. We do not have any budget, staff or anything of that sort. We are completely relying on the public and have found that most of them have done great work.”

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