Image to Excel Converter: An Easy Way to Digitalise Spreadsheet Papers

Image To Excel Converter

Living in a digital time has brought with itself numerous benefits. Nowadays most offices are equipped with computers and other modern gadgets. Therefore, many documents are in electronical form which as the result has low consumption of paper that leads to a tidy and roomy office. Also, at the same time we protect and take care of the already threatened environment.

However, there’s still a timid pile of papers hiding in some drawers or shelves. That is inevitable, but there’s an effortless way to fix this – simple transform spreadsheet papers into a digital form. This is a excellent way to safely preserve your hard copies and make them easily accessible. And how to do that?

Naturally, with the help of contemporary office devices. One such tool is certainly scanner that will give you a hand when you’re present in the office. On the other hand, what to do if you need to file a document when you’re out of the office and there’s no scanner at your reach? In that case, it’s time to rely on your mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets that offer plenty of useful apps. For this occasion, you’ll need Image to Excel Converter app.

It flawlessly converts images of spreadsheet papers into editable MS Excel documents. It’s like having a small mobile scanner specialized in tabular documents. This app provides excellent conversion quality thanks to the latest OCR technology. Likewise, it’s possible to convert limitless number of files of any size. The best part is that these conversions are free of charge. Also, it’s very important to point out that Image to Excel has an understandable interface convenient for all types of users.

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Speaking of understandable interface, let’s discover the steps to digitalise spreadsheet papers:

  1. Download Image to Excel Converter from the Google Play or App Store
  2. Choose a picture you want to convert or take a new one
  3. Depending on how large the file is, how congested the servers are and your Internet connection, you’ll get your file converted. Later on, if needed it’s possible to easily share converted files

And your document is securely stored on your mobile devices. Take completely advantage of this digital time and use this trick to go paperless everywhere.

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