IIT Karagpur students developing Karaken 3.0 robot to do underwater tasks

According to the latest reports, Students at IIT Kharagpur are developing an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) which is expected to be more intelligent than drones. The AUV will be able to perform several underwater task including repairing of large underwater pipes, searching for debris like a black box of a crashed flight, etc.

The robot Kraken 3.0 named after legendary sea monster resembling like giant squid that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, is a prototype AUV and successor of Kraken 2.0 and is being developed at the centre of Robotics. In a statement, a student from the developing team said that the robot will be able to explore underwater areas as deep as 10 metres. Kraken 3.0 is designed as a special purpose task robot that can perform some specific tasks.

“We pre-program it so that it can do specifically assigned tasks like underwater surveying, identifying lost objects or debris, picking them up, etc. It can also be used for conducting repairs under the hull of a ship,” said Abhay Kumar, who is leading the team of students.

Kraken 3.0 is laced with several sensors and cameras to interact with its surroundings. It is 1.3 metre long and is a six thruster model that can rotate itself in five directions, this makes it easier for the robot to explore the underwater environment.

Students claim that their robot is smarter than drones. Drones aren’t equipped to communicate wirelessly in underwater, however, Kraken 3.0 specializes in underwater wireless communication and is smarter too, said Kumar. In addition, drones can’t take their own decisions but the new robot can analyze the environment and is capable of taking its own decisions.

Abhay explained that once the Kraken 3.0 is deployed in the water it takes its own decision like it can sense whether the an object is in its path and can change its path to avoid a collision. This has been made possible with the help of technologies like machine learning. Moreover, the efforts from IIT Kharagpur students are promising, and if everything goes well then it will add a new dimension to the underwater world. Instead of humans robots will do all the underwater tasks.

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    Indian’s still have slavery mentality. Why do they have to name the robot Kraken? Don’t they have Indian names? When will they get out of their slave mindset?

    • Romil Shah

      It’s not called slavery mentality you fool. If you cannot innovate or invent something then at least appreciate.

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    Unleash the Kraken soon guys… All the best!!!