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Strengthening grounds in the competing market, Idea Celluar has commercially launched its 3G services in the Delhi-NCR region. The company has announced that with data network of 2,500 cell sites for 3G and 5,000 modernised towers for 2G, the Idea Cellular will now offer its 3G services to its Delhi-NCR subscribers.

In a statement, the telco has reported that its 3G network on 900 MHz band, which has high-calibre transmission and propagation capabilities, will provide a jam-free network, offering high-speed internet. It further stated that the problem of indoor internet coverage is also resolved by installing new towers and repairing the dead ones, throughout the city.

“Mobile users in Delhi NCR are the most evolved consumers in the country with high usage of both voice and data services. Unfortunately, the high traffic on jammed networks has left consumers unhappy and looking for a network which offers superior connectivity, both on the roads as well as indoors,” said Ambrish Jain, deputy managing director, Idea Cellular.

“Over the last two years, Idea has invested heavily in acquiring spectrum in the most efficient 900 MHz band and setting up a future-ready, modernized network to cater to the growing demand of mobile users in the region,” he added.

In addition, the Idea Cellular is planning to roll out a wide range of Internet or broadband products across the city, which includes, 900 MHz dongles, bundled voice and data offers, sharing and customizable plans, among others, the statement said.

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