Earth like icy features found on Pluto


Recently, scientists from NASA have found out earth like icy features on Pluto and suspect this can be a new beginning of discovering new life on other planets.

A similar kind of weather forecasting device was used by meteorologists, to find icy features on Pluto. Through computer simulations, physics have found out ice evaporation on Pluto. Penitents are formed by erosion. These are bowl-shaped depressions with spires around their edges. They are several meters high and icy in nature.

On a joint research with NASA and John Hopkins University, new dimensions have been found in this research. They are suspecting that these features may exist on other planets too, where environmental conditions are similar.

Earthy ice on Pluto

Rare identification of these environmental conditions suggests that the presence of the atmosphere is very necessary for the formation of penitents. However, this phenomenon explains why similar features were not seen on other planets at the airless condition.

Extreme differences in the environment give rise to certain different features of different scales. According to professor Moors, “this Discovery suggests that we may even find similar features from where else in the solar system and in other solar systems where the conditions are right”.

These models when compared to that of the ridges on Pluto. However, it was found that Pluto’s ridges are much higher and larger in size. They are 500 meters tall and are separated by five kilometres as compared to that of the Earthly counterparts.

Pluto’s environment is very different from that of heart. Pluto is much colder and its air is thinner compared to Earth. It’s much dimmer as it is farthest from the Sun. The snow and ice found on its surface contain Methane and nitrogen instead of water. Hence, But it is quite different from that of earth. But recent Earth-like icy features on Pluto make a point evident that further research must be done.

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