IBM calls mobile dating apps unsafe

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According to a recent report from the technology giant, IBM, many dating applications are a threat to user’s privacy. IBM tested nearly 70 percent of the dating applications and found them being vulnerable to various attacks.

IBM said that these applications can be easily exploited to gain access over the user’s smartphone, and or running other applications such as camera and microphone in the background. 41 of the most popular dating apps available for the Android are vulnerable to these types of attacks, IBM said.

“This means an attacker can eavesdrop on personal conversations and even confidential business meetings without the user knowing,” IBM warned.

The tech giant also mentioned that apart from the existing vulnerabilities in the application, dating apps can also be a home to those who do phishing. Hackers can have fake profiles on Tinder and other dating applications to lure the innocent users into opening a phishing URL or a website containing worms.

However, the security researchers are concerned as there are employees who use the same phone for the work and at home, creating a potential risk of the loss of confidential information. Hackers can quickly access contacts, messages and more with the help of these applications.

IBM has submitted a six-page report to all the dating application developers, explaining how they are affected by these vulnerabilities.

However, IAC/InterActive Corp, a firm that own most of the dating applications, said that their apps, including Tinder, isn’t in the list of the IBM group of vulnerable applications.

“IBM tested IAC’s dating apps — including Match, OkCupid, and Tinder — and they were not among the apps found to exhibit the cited vulnerabilities,” the company said in a statement. “We are confident in the continuing security measures we take to make sure our products meet the highest security standards.”

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