Huge amount of junks floating around in space

As reported by a recent study, there is a lot of garbage circling our planet and only humans are responsible for this tremendous amount of junk found in space.

Humans have put up in space many satellites since time immemorial. There are reportedly at least 1,700 functioning spacecraft orbiting the Earth. However, not all of them come back to the Earth after finishing their targeted task. Many of those satellites are lost track of by the scientist at the space agencies and are left to be moving about randomly. These pieces of machinery can possibly tend to wreck each other and break down into several tiny pieces.

It has been reported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that there exist near about twenty-three thousand of broken chunks of space waste bigger than ten centimeters (around four inches), near about five hundred thousand  broken chunks bigger than a centimeter, and near about hundred million space waste bigger than a millimeter.

A tiny chunk of metal may not seem to bring about any danger however these chunks could actually tend to be a huge risk factor. According to the reports brought to light, tiny bits of paint tend to damage the various parts of the spacecraft causing potential troubles. The reason behind this could be summed up as- space wastes tend to travel extremely fast.

An officer of NASA, J.D. Harrington, working in the public affairs department of the space agency told in a statement that due to its immensely high speed a waste chunk ranging even just one sub-millimeter has the potential to damage the spaceships and terrify the astronauts during spacewalks outside the International Space Station. The potential speed of the space wastes is about ten times higher than a bullet speed two hundred fifty miles up.

Small chunks of wastes could make holes in the satellites whereas the bigger ones may tend to completely wreck one. Harrington further explained that the risk from the debris is actually an issue. He added that the issue of space waste is a proven danger for the happening space activities and could cause serious havoc for the future space endeavors.

As it is becoming cheaper and simpler for the countries to send up spaceships into space, the traffic in the orbit is increasing. This could result in the area in space to become narrower. NASA has no plans of cleaning the wastes that are already up there. Nevertheless, the space agency is trying from keeping the issue from becoming worse. The organization is taking care that every new space mission should dispose of the spacecraft after their task gets over and also discards the garbage ejected by the spacecraft.

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