International Variant of Huawei Honor V9 will be launched as Honor 8 Pro at MWC’17

Huawei Honor V9

It was earlier touted that the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is all set to launch its Honor V9 handset in its home country on February 21. However, a recent report suggested that the company is planning to launch its international variant at MWC 2017, named as Honor 8 Pro.

A Russian website confirmed that Huawei will launch the smartphone at the event. It also revealed that the Honor 8 Pro will come with a better set of specs as compared to its predecessor.

While talking about the Chinese variant the much-awaited V9 Honor, it is quite clear from the teaser launched by the company that if the rumours are to be believed it could be the next big thing in the android devices arena. The swanky new device is believed to have made some very drastic changes to its design element as well as capabilities.

That includes a shift from the usual “home-button-on the front” to a “home-button-cum-fingerprint-sensor-on –the-rear” design. Also to entice the customers especially the younger segment of the market Huawei has got hold of Chinese swimmer Sun Yang as the spokesperson for Honor V9, who is, by the way, a hit among the Chinese (the swimmer himself, not the phone).

As far as the spec sheet of the V9 goes, Huawei has made some really good changes to the look and feel of the device as compared to its predecessor in the Honor Series. It sports an impressive 5.7 inch HD display with a magnificent 2560X1440 pixel resolution. What would really serve as a major USP of the device is the fact that it comes equipped with the internal storage that would make other devices in the range look like pygmies. Yes, 64GB internal storage with a 4 GB RAM is what we are talking about.

Now, while the mighty hardware capabilities can raise some scepticism like the overall capability being bottlenecked via reduced or something similar. But NO! Honor V9 has an impressive 3900mAH battery and a Kirin 950 Octa core processor to take away all your woes. And the Camera for all the selfie lovers out there is also pretty impressive.

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