The spring of 2017 seems to be an ode to the sleeping giants of the smartphone makers, for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has released a teaser that gives a peek at its next offering in the smartphone line-up.

As per the latest reports, HTC is all set to reveal the new device on 20th March 2017. The teaser was first reported by tech portal, Tech Radar on the company’s official Facebook page. The same was confirmed by the firm later on and was dubbed as “an unexpected surprise”.

As per the rumours in the various tech and gadget forums, the mystery device is probably going to be the successor to HTC’s last year flagship device i.e. HTC 10, which was launched last year. The device currently goes by the codename HTC Ocean, which to be honest sounds kind of cool. According to some other sources, the unreleased phone could be the previously announced HTC X10 as well, which is a mid-range phone. But the fact that the company has trodden into the VR technology, it is quite possible that VR is highly likely to be the part of the bundle and hence making the smartphone in the premium category.

One thing is clear that this time HTC is going to focus on the premium and the high-end Android device segment as opposed to its previous stint into the mid-range phone. As the rumours about this new premium device have started doing round, the industry pundits have started making predictions on the specifications and features it would be including.

As 20th March is just around the corner, buyers are looking forward to the various new technologies HTC would be putting in place in this new gadget as a lot of other gadgets such as Samsung’s S8, Flagship series by Xiaomi, etc. would be hitting the shelves around the same time frame.

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