How Laptops Have Evolved

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Although we now generally take laptops for granted, and you are probably currently browsing this website with a laptop, desktop computers once reigned supreme. However, their bulky size made them difficult to transport and even to find space for within the house. Laptops have certainly revolutionized technology and the way we use it, but how have they evolved over time?


The Compass computer in 1982 was the first laptop that took on the format that we see today of the clamshell laptop. It was incredibly heavy and huge, having to contain a large number of elements that they had previously fit into computers. Overall, it was 5KG large, hardly able to be portable, let alone to be able to take on your daily commute. However, it was not until the evolution of the MacBook Air that laptops became known for their slimness and lightweight designs, with Apple’s laptops taking the reins ever since 2008. Now, we have 11-inch notebooks and Chromebooks galore, enabling us to access the latest information and the internet from any location.


The first portable laptop computers were created in 1983 with the Gavilan Computer, whose most significant achievements were to contain a floppy disk and touchpad mouse in a generally mobile design. However, Compaq overtook the Gavilan’s success with the first laptop by modeling their device on IBM’s. Where once laptops operated only in black and white, the Commodore SX-64 managed to introduce color to the world of laptop computing, and the IBM Thinkpad that was brought out in 1993 started to have a full-color display. Not only this, but the creation of SSD drives and hard drives now allow laptops to be incredibly portable. From the old desktop computers, these were a lifesaver, enabling people to use laptops from any location, such as on public transport and when on holiday.

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Luckily, there is now a broad range of laptops to choose from which use the techniques and evolving technology that now makes laptops so easy to use and popular. Technology has improved in other sectors, however, and it is now possible to choose a computer based on comparisons made on the internet. If you want to find the laptop with the right features for you, you should consider visiting Choosist, who help you to compare laptops based on many factors such as the size, portability, and power that you need to succeed.


Nowadays, a laptop is just as powerful as a computer, having the same quality of graphics cards and hard drives as a desktop. However, this was not always the case, and in the past, there have been vast differences between the power of the two, mainly due to trying to fit the significant components into a small shell. Additionally, fans and vents have now become more efficient, meaning that they can cool down a smaller surface area much better than when laptops were first released. Not only this, but transistors have also got smaller, allowing for circuit boards to be integrated as simply as possible. Additionally, quad-core processors will enable you to have the power necessary to complete daily tasks as well as you would on a desktop, without sacrificing on size or portability.

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