Horrendous drought could cause end of the world in next five billion years

Horrendous drought could cause end of the world in next five billion years

In the myriad of catastrophic disasters that have been reported to happen before the world ends, researchers have indicated that extreme drought could be one of the reason. As per the report, the climate change is horrendous and will not go unnoticed by the population of the world which will further lead to the death of the Earth where we live in estimated next five billion years.

Researchers asserted that in the far-future, Sun will start wobbling down extreme heat due to its increased age and output. At a point, the Sun will become so hot that it will trigger various disasters on Earth upon reaching the point where its abnormal heat will eventually burn down the planet. The abnormal heat column will mark the end of many reservoirs followed by reduced water content level.

Following a report published in The Guardian in 2015, drought is considered as one of the biggest threat to mankind since its impacts are global. There could be different types of drought. Hydrological drought is a type when the rainfall is lacking for a sufficient amount of time which emptied rivers and water in other bodies. A meteorological drought is an example when the rain fails to appear. Then, the agricultural drought is something when water shortage or lack of water causes the death of livestock and crops including the probability of death of humans too.

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