Honeycomb behind the mystery of Bermuda Triangle is myth

Honeycomb behind the mystery of Bermuda Triangle is myth

Bermuda Triangle has remained a great source of mystery over millennia. Spread from the district of North Atlantic Ocean, which has spread from Bermuda Island to Miami, USA, and Puerto Rico, Bermuda Triangle has also been called as Devil’s Triangle and caused the disappearance of hundreds of ships, boats, planes and thousands of people. But a few days back, a video posted on the Science Channel went viral on the web, stating that hexagon-shaped cloud or otherwise known as honeycomb clouds are the primary reason behind the disappearances of the ships and individuals in Bermuda Triangle. But NASA’s Terra satellite has transmitted some pictures to the earth, which are clearly demonstrating that Honeycomb Clouds are not the real cause behind the Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

NASA’s Terra satellite has clicked some snaps on Feb. 19, 2002, in which it shows a cluster of strange hexagonal clouds over the marine region of the Bermuda Triangle, and this eventually prompted the rumours about these strange clouds are accountable for decades of mysterious disappearances in the region of Bermuda Triangle. As per the documentary video published by the Science Channel, photos taken by the satellite of NASA over seaside Florida unveiled a series of the hexagon- shaped can create 170 mph (273kmph) ‘so-called air bombs’ over the regions of the Bermuda Triangle and these clouds can make bigger the places between 20-55 miles (32-88.5km) and can convey microbursts that disappear the planes, people, and ships while crossing the area of Bermuda.

But, as indicated by the recently published reports, despite the fact that the mists over the North Sea and the Bahamas may have a striking resemblance, they likely have several causes and cooperate with the sea in different ways. The photos over the Bahamas were caught by NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) in 2002 on the Terra satellite and were recently published on the Science Channel.

Scientists call these mysterious and honeycomb-patterned clouds as “open-cell clouds.” They are a lower and horizontal cloud that drags the high-flying planes down from the sky. The bedcovers scraps are spaces of open air which are enclosed by the walls of clouds. As said by the researchers, Honeycombs are generated through a simple structure of convection and air movement which are caused by the rising of warm air and falling of cold air.

As per the reports of the Science Channel, the clicked images of the North Sea clouds did disclose underlying wind flurries nearer to 100 mph. However, the documentary did not represent any solid proof about the similarity of the honeycomb and the winds tattered the Atlantic Ocean under the hexagonal clouds seen in 2002, and it also said that was only “scientists believe” that the same winds are real. However, no evidence are found about the similarity of both winds.

The obscurity of Bermuda Triangle dates back 1940, and since then, hundreds of ships and airplanes including thousands of human being have gone missing while crossing the regions of Bermuda Triangle. The causes behind such happening are expected due to the involvement of aliens while some are focusing more on many improbable wrongdoers. However, the secrecy is still on.

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