Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while talking about the developments in conversation with Bangladesh told about the facilitated and eased equation between the two. Modi told about the exchange of Instruments of ratification of Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) and said that the same is a historical development.

Taking to twitter to express, Modi said that by resolving the border issue which was hanging for years history has been made. Telling about the added positives of the action, he said that the step has not just settled the boundary. It is a step close to people’s everyday lives. “We have secured the borders and made the lives of people easy and stable”, Modi added.

In the presence of Prime Minister Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina, the Foreign Secretaries of both countries had signed and exchanged the Instruments of Exchange. Thus furthering the equation between the two countries.

A constitution Amendment Bill was approved a few weeks ago by the Indian Parliament. The bill gave full effect to the Land Boundary Agreement 1974 with Bangladesh.

The agreement concerns with the territory issue between the two nations. It aimed at acquiring of territories by India and transfer to Bangladesh. Assam, West Bengal, Tripura and Meghalaya are included in the agreement.

A joint consensus was conducted by both the countries. According to it, 37,369 people reside in 111 Bangladeshi enclaves in India and 55 Indian enclaves in Bangladesh have 14,215 people.

Signing of the agreement with Bangladesh will result in series of enclave exchanges across the border. Assam itself will hand 250 acres.

On the brighter note, the exchange of enclave will end generations of ambiguity for thousands of people living on the wrong side of the border.

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  • hemenparekh

    Bangladesh – Redux ?

    After 44 years , India and
    Bangladesh have settled their boundary dispute by exchanging a few thousand
    acres of land

    Hopefully , this will end illegal migration / export of militancy etc , besides
    giving legitimate citizenship to 50,000 , so far stateless , persons

    Will this settlement lead to ,

    > huge economic loss to either of the countries ?

    > increase in terrorist activities / illegal infiltration ?

    > significant reduction of national security ?

    Clear answer is : NO !

    If anything , it will vastly improve neighborly relations and benefit the
    people of both the countries

    Why can’t we resolve our ” Kashmir Border Dispute ” with Pakistan ,
    in a similar manner ?

    By both countries accepting the Line of Actual Control ( LaC ) as an
    International Boundary ?

    In the past 60 years , I remember only 3 Indians to have the courage to suggest
    / support such a solution ( not counting insignificant , myself ). They were :

    > Vasant Sathe

    > Faroukh Abdullah

    > Prashant Bhushan

    Reason is simple as to why a military action to regain lost territory ( both
    sides claim to own the entire Kashmir ) , just won’t work for the following
    reasons :

    > An all out war will cause loss of millions of lives on both sides

    > Intervention of UN / America / Russia / China will create a fresh

    ( political stalemate / comma ) without a permanent resolution

    > It may end-up creating an independent country of ” Kashmir
    ” – something

    that neither India / Pakistan want, nor will help the

    If this is so crystal-clear , then what is stopping the politicians of both the
    countries to pursue this path ?

    Simple !

    Lack of courage due to fear of losing power !

    Unless Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Nawaz Sharif muster the courage to tell –
    and sell – this bitter truth to their countrymen !

    What next ?
    Arunachal Pradesh Vs Aksai
    Chin ?

    — hemen parekh


    08 June 2015