After producing six solar flares, the sun has now created a strongest and largest solar flare. The sun has never produced such a powerful solar flare in its current cycle. Now, after the hurricanes in the Atlantic, this solar flare has captured lots of public attention which has created a sense of tension among them.

The last solar flare produced by the sun was so powerful that people in some parts of the UK had seen lighting effects in the sky. It is expected that the solar flare will have the energy level of billion hydrogen bombs. This is happening after 12 years. Since 1996, around eight powerful solar flares have been recorded, but this one was something new. A team of researchers have captured some highly detailed images of solar flares produced by the sun on Wednesday. As per the record, the solar flares lasted around 48 hours. Due to this, some amazing lightening effects were seen in northern latitudes, northern England and Scotland.

People were stunned to see different dazzling colours including green, red, yellow, and pink waving and flickering in the sky as aurora borealis formed after the corona discharge. People captured the video and took several images of the mesmerising event and posted them on the social media. The photos and video became an instant hit and got several likes and shares.

Watch amazing show of northern lights in the night sky

The solar flares also caused changes in magnetic fields. As per the scientists, when solar flares occurred, the sun was in its period of Solar Minimum. Usually based on in its magnetic material movement, the period of the sun is divided into two parts, i.e., Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum.

The rays that were produced during the solar flares were also observed by a team from the University of Sheffield and Queen’s University, Belfast and a team from UK University. By using the Swedish Solar Telescope, the team observed the light effects in La Palma.
As per them, the data will guide them to predict when and where will the next largest solar flare happen. The scientists can predict more clearly how and why these solar flares happen. The information will also help space weather companies protect their high-cost satellites and the equipment from the sun’s solar flares.

NASA SDO captures stunning images of one of the largest Solar Flares in recent times

However, these solar flares do not affect physically to human beings as the harmful radiation cannot go through earth’s atmosphere. But sometimes powerful solar flares can affect earth’s power system and electronic equipment as it creates a disturbance in magnetic fields. When the solar flare occurs, it ejects components called coronal plasma. When the plasma reaches earth’s atmosphere, it affects magnetic field and particle which creates geometric storms causing the disturbance in satellite, radio devices, and electronics.

But the recent geometric storm’s effect that happened on September 7, will be there for more days, NASA anticipates. By a past incident that happened in 1859 in Europe and North America, if more powerful solar flares erupt from the sun, the earth will suffer a loss of 42 trillion.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had forecasted about the corona discharge and its effects on Earth. Interested people can visit NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center at, the U.S. government’s official source for space weather forecasts, alerts, watches and warnings.

Scientists explained that solar flares are very powerful radiation emitted by Sun which might disturb human life on Earth. Although these flares cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere but some powerful flares have the capacity disrupt communication signals, GPS, and several more such activities.

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