Review: HX250R, fastest 250cc bike from Hero Motocorp

The biggest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world is all set to launch India’s fastest 250cc sportbike with a top speed of more than 160 kph. Priced under 1.5 lakh, the beast is powered by a 250cc DOHC liquid-cooled engine which churns out 31 bhp of raw power @ 9000 rpm complimented with 26 nm of overpowering torque and takes merely 2.70 seconds to touch the 60 kph mark.

Hero Motocorp has revolutionised motorcycling in India. Known for reliable, low maintenance and consumer friendly motorcycles, the automotive giant’s HX250R is all set to become the fastest 250cc sportbike in India, toppling thefamousCBRs and Ninjas.


HX250R is meticulously designed keeping in mind, the aerodynamics, aesthetics, ergonomics,and giving it a muscular look with an aggressive appeal,the front of the bike has a wide scope for improvement though, both in aerodynamics and visual appearance.However, given the overall design of HX250R, the rider can comfortably tuck himself in while maintaining the visibility through the windshield while riding, thanks to the meticulous design of the petrol tank. The overall design of the bike is made keeping in mind the rider’s comfort and the stability and handling of the mighty HX250R at high speeds. Looking at the already available 250cc sports bikes in India, Hero Motocorp has made a commendable effort in designing the bike even though they missed out on the front look of the bike. The design of this beast, combined with the engine is sure to make it an Indian sweetheart.


To ensure the safety of the rider at high speed the bike comes with wide tyres both in the front and the back leading to increased stability at higher speeds, the grip of tyres can’t be ascertained as the company has not started rolling out HX250R yet. The 300 mm disc with a three-piston caliper in the front and 200 mm linked disc coupled with a combined anti-lock braking system ensures smooth   braking in all road conditions. The traction control would have made HX250R much safer to ride on Indian road conditions though it is too much to ask for in 1.5 lakhs. A major part HX250R misses out on is the headlamps, the 35V halogen bulbs don’t seem capable enough to provide proper illumination in the night, at least a 60V halogen headlamp was expected if not projector headlamps coupled with a 60V main bulb.


The 150 cc DOHC engine in HX 250R is using electronically controlled fuel injection system and is liquid cooled. The use of Fuel injection means increased efficiency and the performance of the engine while simultaneously ruling out carb setting problems as an electronically controlled ECU can automatically adjust itself to the changing altitudes, air quality which means you don’t have to worry about anything other than you, each time you plan a trip to Ladakh. The engine uses the liquid  coolant to ward off engine heat leading to an efficient heat management system which means no engine-overheating.

The engine has an overpowering 26 Nm of peak torque and churns out 31 bhp of maximum power @ 9000 rpm which means the bike gets a rocket-like propulsion and peak power is delivery being @ 9000 RPM, the HX250R is supposed to have higher gear ratios leading to a significant increase in   speed quota per gear so the rider can enjoy the ride instead of changing gears every now & then.

The electronically controlled fuel injection system ensures better fuel efficiency without compromising the performance and you don’t have to fiddle with screws anymore to check what is causing the problem as the ECU can be connected to a computer to pinpoint the problem. The six-speed constant mesh gearbox and wet multi-plate ensure smooth gear shifting without thereby adding to the performance and ride quality. The exhaust is placed under the seat, adding to both the ergonomics and the aerodynamics of the bike which means better handling at high speed.

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