Hero electric joins hands e-commerce platforms for its Li-ion battery powered bikes

Hero Electric

The present generation is completely dominated by e-technology. From trading to social media, e-technological factors are notable everywhere, and this technological advancement has made people think bigger and better in every section. Gone are the days when we have petrol or diesel-enabled bikes and cars. The modern technology and digitalisation of systems have gifted us much more things among which e-bike is one.

As a number of bike manufacturers have previously attempted and launched e-bikes to the market, the concept of e-bike for current generation has not new now. A number of bike makers all around the world have dispatched several electric operated bikes to the market, and now we have a small ye powerful lineup of e-bikes. But now a new addition to this current list has come to the front line when Hero Electric, the leading Indian Electric Two-Wheeler maker introduces its new e-bikes on Tuesday.

Hero Electric, the nation’s biggest maker of e-bikes, is the most recent organisation to have glitch a ride on the e-trade wagon for development. The deals of electric bikes in India have so far been lethargic, and so the company has taken a great step to revive its sale rate in the country. The company presently is reported to bring revive in the sleepy sale process of e-bikes by persuading the logistics suppliers to supplant contaminating petrol bicycles with their recently dispatched lithium-particle battery-controlled vehicles. Hero recently has announced the pact and signed the deal with a Noida-based logistics company. Moreover, Hero Electric is also reported to talk with other industry players like Amazon for launching its e-bikes with a lithium-ion battery.

Speaking on this matter, Sohinder Gill, global CEO, Hero Electric said that, the spokespersons of Hero have already started contacting with large logistics infrastructures like Amazon and other e-commerce entities about the deal of launching e-bikes with a lithium-ion battery. The company also has signed an agreement with a Noida-based food delivery logistics company and shipped 100 units of e-bikes to the organization in replacement of their petrol bikes partially.

This is an impressive idea of Hero Electric to create an exchange deal of e-bikes with petrol bikes with the association large logistic organizations in India, and as said by Mr. Sohinder in the press release, Hero has a broad expectation from this deal. This exchange deal is anticipated to give a thrust to the acceptance of eco-friendly bikes in India, further added by Mr. Sohinder.

According to the statistics of Hero Electric, in last fiscal year, only about 20,000 electric bikes were sold out in India and out of 20, 000 units, 14, 000 units are from Hero.  According to Mr. Gill, Hero has spent a substantial amount of time for the development of the lithium-ion battery, which is the first eco-friendly battery for e-bikes. And it is highly anticipated to push the sale rate of electric bikes in India.

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