Here's how the world would have been without humans

Can you imagine what if humans weren’t born then how Earth would have been? A team researchers have mapped the world where humans didn’t even exist. They have made an estimate to show how the present world would have been without human intervention. Researchers believe that animal distribution would have been lot more diverse and apart from being home to wolves, Eurasian elk (moose) and bears, northern Europe would have given shelter to mammals like elephants and rhinoceroses in the absence of humans.

According to study authors, today’s world would have been a lot more different without human intervention. Researchers tried to identify the effect on biodiversity, ecology, biography, and patterns of mammals.At present, Africa is the most diverse when it comes to larger mammals. However, mammal distribution would have different in the absence of humans. World map created by researchers shows rich mammal diversity in North and South America in the absence of humans.



Lead study author Soren Faurby from Aarhus University said that most of the large mammal species exist in Africa today but these species existed in neighbouring American continent too, however, human led development made them disappear. He further added that the presence of number of species in Africa isn’t because of rich biodiversity but human development in other places eradicated mammal species and if humans weren’t present these place would have boasted many more species.

With the study, researchers noted that mountain regions support many species and they have acted as refuge for species in the era which was hugely dominated by humans and animals have struggled to live and protect their race. Faurby explained that brown bears in Europe are found only in mountainous regions and they have virtually disappeared from every other places.

The study appeared in the journal Diversity and Distributions.

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