Take Sunbathe to reduce cancer risk, claims study

As after the long time research, it has been proven that the greater exposure of the skin to the sunlight results in the lower risk of cancer. As this fact has proven after the research from the 172 countries of the world.

The exposure to the sunlight proves beneficial for our body. When human skin is exposed to the sunlight, the some of the hormones and the enzymes present in the human body becomes activated. The largest benefit of the exposure to the sunlight results in the production of vitamin D in the human body. During the exposure to the sunlight, the melanocytes in the human body start producing melanin. The more production of melanin results in the darker skin.

Less exposure to sunlight results in many diseases such as lack of vitamin D, increases the risk of cancer such as leukemia, which is the type of blood cancer than equatorial people.

As the research has shown that the people living at the higher altitudes are at greater risk of the diseases caused with no or less exposure to sunlight. No doubt people living at higher altitudes are usually white people, this is because of their less exposure to the sunlight. They are at higher risk of developing cancer, they face the lack of vitamin D and less production of melanin by melanocytes.

Cedric Garland, adjunct professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine in the US says: “These results suggest that much of the burden of leukemia worldwide is due to the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency we are experiencing in winter in populations distant from the equator.’’

People living in the area closer to the poles or at high altitudes are at greater risk of developing cancer than the people at lower altitudes.

The striking of the UV rays with the body results in the production of large amount of vitamin D because sunlight triggers the synthesis of vitamin D.

In the end, it is concluded that the less exposure of the skin to the UV rays of the sun results in the higher risk of cancer and other diseases such as lack of vitamin D. Similarly, the more exposure to the sunlight saves us from many health hazardous diseases.

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