Here’s how popular YouTubers earn millions of dollars; Guide to become a YouTuber

Here's how popular YouTubers earn millions of dollars; Guide to become a YouTuber

We all know that popular YouTubers earn in six or seven figures but how exactly? YouTube has flourished to become a center for entertainment and generating revenue and YouTubers are the one that provides the former and gets the latter as a reward. Here’s how YouTubers actually earn millions of dollars by posting videos on YouTube.

If you are wondering how you can earn even cents on YouTube without the impressive subscriber count that popular YouTubers have, note that the algorithm used by the service is complex and takes many aspects and variables into consideration before finalizing the payment generated. So even if you have millions of views on a video with only a handful of subscribers, unless the algorithms think that the views are fabricated, you will end up earning a good amount for views hit.

Before you can start posting videos on YouTube, you need a channel that you can create via YouTube by accepting its Partner Program that allows YouTube to post ads on your videos that will generate revenue every time they show up. Unlike previously, YouTube has revised the minimum qualification required to qualify for the Partner Program where your channel needs at least 4,000 watch-hours and 1,000 subscribers in the last year. YouTube says that this step was taken to protect genuine content creators from impersonators, bad actors, etc.

Next step is that your country must be supported by YouTube’s Partner Program. You can check out the list on YouTube before commencing. Next up is to adhere to YouTube’s terms of services and post advertiser-friendly content guidelines that YouTube has framed to avoid ads on videos showcasing spam, violence, harassment, etc.

The next step is to create an AdSense account which is how you can monetize the videos by allowing YouTube to show ads on your videos and earn revenue on it. You can use YouTube’s Creator Studio to avail a step-by-step monetization guide so that you can do it just right. Once you set up an AdSense account by posting all the crucial details, you can set up monetization preference and then, wait for the minimum qualification to attain before start earning any revenue.

YouTube tracks each and every aspect of your channel which means you’ll able to view the hours watched and subscribers obtained before reaching the qualification criteria and post that, it will inform you about all other aspects such as subscriber count, data on watch minutes, hours, etc historically, etc. You can check out your AdSense account to learn about revenue generated over the course of time that you can transact to an associated account once you successfully reach the $100 threshold.

There are several things that you must keep in mind with your own YouTube channel. First up, you can use the audio cues and music available on YouTube’s Creator Studio which needs little to no citations while other music and video clips that you can acquire from other YouTube channels could be under an axe if the original creator flags it as copyrighted. Three strikes mean the channel is permanently closed but there’s a chance that the original user can revert the flags or you can wait for the said duration for the strike to fade whichever is plausible.

YouTube offers a tonne of features such as live video, live chat aka Super Chat, membership plans, annotation to link other sites (after 10K subscribers) and more although there are various variables that dictate when you’ll receive these features. Now that you know how YouTubers earn million, maybe you can start your own channel with original content and cash on it.

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