Here's five tips to prevent dryness of skin in winter

Fear for the skin getting dry started housing in people’s mind with the arrival of winters. But now you don’t have to worry as here we are revealing five simple tips and tricks that might help your skin to retain its moisture and will prevent it from drying. A beauty expert, Bharti Taneja, Alps Beauty Clinic, New Delhi, said that simply using creamy products and oiling your body isn’t enough to prevent dryness of skin. In addition, hot water bath also adversely affects the skin health and absorbs moisture from the skin, thus to prevent dryness one should moisturize skin just after the hot water bath.

Here are five tips:-

Opt for creamy products

Instead of using gel based products prefer using creamy ones. As cream based products from a thin protective layer on the skin helping in retaining moisture of skin in winter.

Use sunscreen

Generally people use sunscreen in summers to prevent themselves from tanning and refrain from such products just before winter arrives. However, pre-winter days can harm the skin. Thus, people should continue using sunscreen with UV and PA+++ protection in winter and apply it on the exposed skin including face, neck, hands etc.

Oil the body

Oiling the body for 10 minutes just before the bath can significantly increase the health of your skin. It helps in retaining the moisture, makes skin softer, smooth and increase glow. In addition, it provided necessary nourishment required for healthy skin.


To keep the lustre of the hair intact, it is good to use a conditioner which has silicone to lock down the outer circle layer and seal in the moisture. You may also try a homemade avocado mask which is perfect for dry and rough hair. For this, mash the flesh of avocado with fork and add extra virgin olive oil to make a mixture. Apply this smooth mixture and wash it off after 30 minutes. This nourishing mask is enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and softening agents for your hair to fight pre-winter harshness with ease.


It is among the most important things while taking care of skin. Drink lot of water, it not only keeps skin hydrated but also entire body. In addition, it removes toxins from your body through urine. Drinking cold water in winters can be a tough task, instead drink lots of warm of luke during the day.

With inputs from IANS.

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