Diesel emissions can cause huge damage to human physiology: Read This

As the second phase of Odd-Even comes to an end, a new report has warned that fumes coming out of heavy vehicles are the major contributor to the city pollution and it can adversely affect our health. Over 12 percent pollution in Delhi is due to trucks and other heavy vehicles, and diesel emissions from these vehicles had made the national capital as one the most polluted city of the world.

Fumes coming from heavy vehicles, industries and biomass account makes the air toxic in the national capital, said Polash Mukherjee, a clean air specialist and a researcher with the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), diesel emission is considered as a Class One carcinogenic and diesel emission coated with dust creates huge damage to human physiology. All these heavy vehicles are diesel driven and they pose saviour risk to human health.

Trucks are monsters moving on the roads, apart from releasing heavy smoke into the atmosphere they move slowly on the roads which adds to the pollution. Poor pollution check by the officials also adds to the worsening conditions as most the trucks do not carry pollution certificate. According to an expert, poor city roads, inefficient traffic management, heavy traffic at entry and exit points of a city are the major reason for city pollution.

Another surprising thing that was mentioned in the report was bribe asked from the truck drivers. Experts say that truck drivers are forced to pay bribes at choke points of the cities and to avoid it they travel at a snail’s pace which leads to air pollution across cities.

There’s a strict need to improve overall structure on traffic management and traffic flow throughout the city to improve the air quality else diesel can cause severe health problems.

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  • Sukumaran

    Looks like the Govt just cornered the problem …!!