Most of the heavy alcohol drinkers aren’t alcoholic: says study

Excessive alcohol can cause breathing problem as well, here's how

Against the age-old belief, most of the heavy drinkers are not alcoholic, says a new study by National Survey on Drug Use and Health.  The study found that only 10 percent of the heavy drinkers cannot resist alcohol and are addicted to it while others can maintain distance from alcohol for several days.

For the research, medical specialists observed self-reported data of 138,100 U.S adults. They analyzed the data for several months, what they found was confronting the age-old belief that alcohol addicts cannot keep themselves from touching the yellow liquid to keep them in a trance. In fact, 90 percent of the people fell short of the criteria.

Women who had eight or more drinks per week and men who had 15 or more drinks per week were considered as heavy drinkers. Several criteria were made by researchers to consider one as alcoholic including inability to reduce or stop alcohol, their increasing demand towards the intoxication despite of their conditions that causes problems including monetary problem, family related problems, excessive  time lost while drinking and several other factors that directly or indirectly affect others life.

The study revealed that the alcoholism was most commonly found with families whose annual income was less than $25000.

Robert Brewer, lead author of the study said, that heavy drinking is very dangerous for health and leads to several negative aspects including financial and social part of one’s life. While warning the alcoholics, he presented the hilarious statistics that the alcohol was the prime reason for nearly 88,000 deaths last year. These alcoholics died due damaged liver, heart related problems, breast cancer, and some got in grip of ‘drink and drive’.  In the report, Brewer requested the government officials to increase the taxes on the yellow liquid as increased prices might force some alcoholics to cut short their drinking frequency.

“Anybody who takes from this paper that excessive drinking is not dangerous unless you are dependent is simply not getting the message, which is that drinking too much is bad,” Brewer said. “The great preponderance of people who are drinking too much are not candidates for specialized treatment but they can be helped in other ways,” Brewer added.

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