Stephen Hawking’s prediction on Black hole was right, confirms Israeli Physicist

British Physicist Stephen Hawking all set to trademark his name

Black hole remained a mystery as knowing anything about it was quite difficult, until now. A virtual hole has been created in a lab and studied, showing that some particles can escape black holes.

Scientists believed that black hole traps whatever enters it, the reason that the name is ‘black hole’, and nothing can come out of it. In 1975 Stephen Hawking, the popular physicist came up with the theory that black holes are not completely black and that some particles known as ‘Hawking Radiations’ can escape through it, this can happen only when a particle and its antimatter are situated at the edge of the hole, in this case either of them escapes the black hole along with its energy. The energy loss results in shrinking the black hole.

Jeff Steinhauer, a physicist at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa chilled atoms in a test-tube to create black hole, phonons were created inside it, which are pairs of sound particles that were made to move very fast inside the liquid which was Bose-Enistein condensate of rubidium-87 atoms. This resulted in moving away of one particle when the liquid was sped up to the speed of light, other particles escaped. The same experiment was repeated for 4600 times and conclusion was made, though it did not show anything about light but sound works just fine with it.

“Black-hole analogues might help to solve some of the dilemmas that the phenomenon poses for other theories, including one called the black-hole information paradox, and perhaps point the way to uniting quantum mechanics with a theory of gravity,” said Steinhauer.

The paper about the study of black hole appears in the journal Nature that confirms the theory of Hawking Radiation which is 30 years old, for the first time. Though the other scientists claim that the paper in not complete and more study needs to be done for the accuracy.

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