Hawaizaada to take off in cinemas on 30th January

Hawaizaada to take off in cinemas on 30th January

Vibhu Puri, the director of Hawaizaada, is overwhelmed by the recognition that has finally been justifiably given to Shivkar Talpade by the Indian Science Congress.

The Wright Brothers Association has been shaken and surprised at the findings that the history is altering and that it was Shivkar Talpade who flew the first plane and that too 8 years prior to the Wright Brothers. After the recognition was made by the Indian Science Congress, the Wright Brothers association has asked for substantial evidence before believing it to be true.

Everyone, including actor Ayushmaan Khurana thought that the Wright Brothers were the first one to fly in the sky. But with this fact revealed and accepted, there’s been a buzz over India’s prowess all over the world.

The film is the story of Shivkar Talpade, an Indian Scientist in the 19th century, who succeeded in developing India’s first aviation plane. The film is all set to release in cinemas worldwide on 30th January.

Vibhu Puri has also expressed his desire to hold a personal screening of the film to India’s Aviation Minister. He claims that Hawaizaada is an eye opener. He has encapsulated the whole life of Shivkar Talpade and created a charismatic effect of 1895.

Vibhu feels that it is our duty to see to it that Shivkar Talpade gets recognition for his work and he has done quite some research on him and even met with his family who are currently residing in Pune.

The movie will be able to prove India’s might to the whole world and is a long awaited movie by those who wish to see India achieve more and before any other nation.

The film has been getting expectations since its first trailer release. Now we have to see that will it take the flight to success or not?

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