Gurmeet Ram Raheem’s platter of controversies

Gurmeet Ram Raheem TeCake

Dera Sacha Sauda head, Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh has had his life filled with controversies. He is the center of it all now with his influence and support in BJP elections.

The controversies started when his film ‘MSG: The Messenger of God’ was rejected by Censor Board and led to Leela Samson and 8 other members resigning from their posts claiming political pressure to use the release of film is unethical.

Now there have been allegations stating that the Guru might have bribed BJP in order to get his film passed by the Censor Board. He might have paid for the election support so that he could reap benefits from it.

But GRR declined all the allegations saying that this is nothing but publicity stunts by people who seek attention. He helped BJP because his workers are fighting against social evils like women abuse, female infanticide, drug mafias, etc . It might sound ironic as he is undergoing a case of ‘sexual abuse against his sadhvis’. He said that his people contacted Congress, AAP and BJP for the cause. But only BJP came forward to help their cause, the workers helped them during elections in exchange.

In another event, GRR’s film is now passed by the Censor Board under a new name, ”MSG: The Messenger”. This might sound fishy even though GRR claimed that he has no idea about any internal feuds of Censor Board when the reason of resignation was clearly specified to be his film.

In retaliation the Punjab government has banned the film which has no effect on the all so happy Mr. GRR Singh as he tweeted, “#LoveToSeeMSG13feb Glad to inform u that censor certificate is issued n new name of our film is MSG-The Messenger”

He might have also been alleged to enter BJP or form his new party in the near future, to which he has clearly declined saying that he loves working for the people that way he is working now and has no intention to enter politics ever.

But we had cases of such Babas claiming something and doing something else since Baba Ramdev, so we just have to wait and see, how true his words are.

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