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GTA VICE CITY MOD APK: Get the game here!

Every person has a different story-line and so do the games. Let’s consider a few Rock star games like Red Dead Revolver, Manhunt, The Warriors, but let’s not forget the most popular one, i.e., GTA Vice City!

GTA Vice City OD APK is more or less similar to that of its previous game, like GTA San Andreas. But this time, it comes with a different story and different characters. Above all, this has been one of the oldest yet the most popular games for a long time. Certainly, this game was widely appreciated and incredibly got attention by numerous noticeable gaming networks from all around the globe. Moreover, this particular version is considered more improved and greatly organized as compared to the previous three versions.


Name GTA Vice City Mod APK
Version 1.09
OS Android 7 and Above
Mod Features Unlimited money and health, Unlocked Missions
Price Free
Genre Action-Adventure
Mode Single or Multiplayer
Ratings on Google Play Store 4.3
Google Play Store Link


Download GTA Vice City MOD APK now!

Time does fly, but craziness for few things never fades. One of such things include GTA Vice City MOD APK. It’s been 18 whole years since GTA Vice city’s release and it still maintains its freshness and childhood memories for many adults. Significantly, no one can doubt the love of a gamer for this game. Certainly, Rock-star games sold 1.4 billion copies of this game on the second day of its release. And definitely, this game has achieved a position in the top 10 games of Rock-star games.

This Rockstar game is popularly played in Play Station 2, Microsoft Xbox Console, Windows, Mac, etc. But that’s not enough, right? Who has much time to spare? Yes, this game can be definitely played on Android, but who wishes to spend money?

Don’t Worry! We have got you the easiest options to download the game with unlimited coins, missions that can either be completed or directly passed! Go through this article to know more!

Why get GTA MOD APK?

As it is the modified version of GTA Vice City, you will get unlimited access to everything in GTA Vice City MOD APK. It also has additional features with unlimited coins, health, and unlocked missions that too free of cost!


The lead character of this game is Tommy Vercetti. He was imprisoned for the charge of murder. After 15 whole years, he again indulges himself in drug dealings along with Ken after getting released from prison. The dealing is done in Miami, Florida. However, the things don’t go as per the plan. Some strangers attacked them, and they looted them completely!

Now comes the action part! Looted, Tommy feels fragmented. Hence, he sets the eventual goal of reclaiming all the drugs and money that were stolen from him. Here embarks the journey of Tommy! Subsequently, he undergoes several dangerous missions, kills many of the criminals and gangsters to regain what he lost.

Certainly, this game is ultimately a pack of joy for all the action-loving gamer!

GTA Vice City Mod Apk


The Graphics!

Better the quality, better will be the experience! GTA Vice City MOD APK have beautifully designed character models, lighting effects, and graphics by availing of the most advanced technologies. As a result of this element, by turning on this game’s mods, you can get limitless cash, strength, health, ammo, and many more.


Not so good at aiming objects? Don’t worry, this game has got your back! Your character has much better control of his weapons now! Less recoil means more precision!

Controls are in your hands!

Customize the controls as per your need. Most importantly, the controls can be used easily in the APK Android version. As a result, you can control your characters effortlessly and enjoy a smooth ride in the car.

Unlimited Resources:

By initiating GTA Vice City MOD APK, you can achieve endless cash, health, wealth, enormous reinforcement strength, boundless ammo, and many more unlimited resources.

Customized Cars:


Do you love flaunting the charm of your car? You can do that in-game too! You can build on some custom vehicles in the game according to your desire with gigantic features.

Enormous Missions:

The matter of great importance in GTA Vice City MOD APK is completing the missions. Without completing the previous mission, we cannot move forward to the next one. Nonetheless, the difficulty levels increases with the progress. Here, you can skip the most difficult one and move forward without any hesitation because quenching the thirst for curiosity is also important.  Above all, yes, you can come back later and complete it when you feel like it.

Numerous Languages:

Difficulty in reading English? Don’t worry; there are plenty of languages to choose from, like German, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, etc. So, choose the one you are fluent in and enjoy the game-play!

Bugs Fixed:

One lag can ruin the whole mission. But this game has been tested on all the phone devices. Certainly, there are no bugs at all that may cause lag and wipe out all the efforts you have put in completing the mission.


GTA Vice City MOD APK is supported in a wireless Game controller, USB Gamepads, particularly Android Phones and Tablets.

Eccentric Game-play:

This game gives you the opportunity to explore the whole game at a new level. You can complete or skip missions. Moreover, you can steal someone’s car, and you can murder anybody you want to. Got frustrated? Go and beat somebody in the game and gain satisfaction!

Sound and Music:

GTA Vice City MOD APK game has over 8000 dialogues and more than 113 songs, which covers the whole story. Hence, one can listen to the songs on the radio even without playing the game. They are so addictive. Above all, you can keep them as ringtone too!

How to Download the Game?

Go along the following steps to get this game in your phones:

  1. Download GTA Vice City APK and OBB
  2. Install GTA Vice City APK
  3. Copy and paste the OBB file at location Android
  4. Open GTA Vice City APK in your Mobile Phone
  5. The game is fully installed now.

Start playing and enjoy the free stuff available in this game.

Download Links:

APK Link: https://t.me/nextalerts/80

OBB Link: https://t.me/nextalerts/81

GTA Vice City Unlimited Money MOD APK: 



Love action games? Want to play them on your mobile? If yes, then you must have checked GTA Vice City MOD APK on the Play store definitely! Yes, the original one do charge you few bucks! You need to spend some amount of money to make the game yours. But don’t worry if you don’t want to spend money; we are here to provide you this game free of cost and that too with unlimited resources within few clicks.

This article will give you the gist of the whole Action-Adventure Game GTA Vice City MOD APK. This virtual Multiplayer game will give you a real feeling and help you refresh your mood.


The lead character, Tommy Vercetti, gets robbed and he wants to rule the vice city! Make him rule the Vice City with your third person’s vision. Go on an unlimited adventure, long drives, clubs with unlimited health, wealth, and money. Enjoy the game-play sitting at your comfortable place.

Download Now and Enjoy for free! 

Some interesting yet unknown facts about GTA Vice City:

  • Tommy Vercetti is programmed not to say any Abusive words.
  • There are no children characters in Vice City.
  • Hidden Money bundle is really a drug as a tiki sculpture.
  • Demolition man is considered as the hardest mission of Vice City.
  • Moreover, there’s a church in the game where you can listen to the church music from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM game timing.
  • The Admiral car (of Ken Rosenberg) introduced at the starting of the game is unique with pure white paint.


GTA Vice City Mod Apk: FAQs

Is GTA Vice City Mod Apk Safe?

Yes, it is user-friendly and 100% safe to use.

Is GTA Vice City Age Restricted?

Yes, players above the age of 18 are only advised to play this game. Every game has terms and conditions so does this one too.

Can this game be downloaded free of cost?

Yes, it can be download free of cost with unlimited resources to not have to purchase any in-app resources. This can be downloaded using the links provided in this article.

Will this GTA Vice City Mod APK game banned?

They are very few chances of this game getting banned. But misuse or overuse of the game may lead one into trouble.

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