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GTA 3 Modded APK: Download from here for Free! Unlimited Coins!

Want to have the experience about life of a gangster? Then download this game- GTA 3, which will provide you with the experience of life of a gangster. The first ever 3D game with a story behind will take you to the adventures happening in the liberty city. Read the whole article to know more about this game. Use the link provided below to play this 3D game in your smartphone provided with additional features.


Name GTA 3 Mod APK
Genre Action, Arcade
Size 1 Gb
OS Android 7+
Publisher Rockstar Games
Version V1.8
MOD Features Available
Price Free
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rockstar.gta3

Download Now


GTA 3 is a series of games that includes crime, action, adventure etc. Consider yourself as the lead character Claude and take revenge from the one who betrayed you. Go on adventures, rule the city, explore the places, commit crimes like murder, stealing, drug dealing. You won’t be judged for sure. Complete all your odd desires in this game. The 3D version of this game comes for both PC and mobile phone, now with the unlimited coins and unlocked missions. Steal your favorite vehicle to drive the city crazy but don’t get caught by cops. Do all the fun activities. Read further features about this game and download this game today for unlimited fun.

Story Line of GTA 3 Mod Apk

The player plays as the main character of this game named Claude. Catalina, Claude’s lover, and his partner betrayed him after a bank robbery. They fired him and made their escape with an unnamed Colombian mafia. However, he managed to escape, but he was apprehended and sentenced to ten years in jail.

The caravan transporting Claude and other prisoners to federal prison was assaulted while on its way there.
He is unintentionally released and meets up with other gangsters. Leone’s Mafia family was introduced to him later. He was a participant in this family’s mafia war, defeating Colombian Mafia gangs. Claude is also seeking revenge on those who have betrayed him, including his ex-girlfriend and friend.

Game play of GTA 3 Mod Apk

This game is a combination of role playing, actions, arcade and adventure. You can start your gangster life by getting odd jobs from other tycoons. Therefore, you will have to do odd jobs like murder, capturing hostages and even do the drug dealing.

You will be exchanging a complicated explanation between criminal gangs during the mission. Liberty City is made up of three Portland counties: Staunton Island, Shoreside Vale, and Liberty City. When you finish the assigned duties, the following 3 counties will open in turns, starting with Portland.

Now consider the Liberty city as yours and explore the whole city by doing all the things in your way. You can steal expensive cars, hit and harm pedestrians, and rule the city the way you want. But don’t get caught by the police. Do something illegal and run away until the warrant is removed.

Features on GTA 3 Mod Apk

1. Various Vehicles:

The game provides a variety of cars and other vehicles with a variety of styles and characteristics. As a result, stealing ordinary cars and bikes on the roads is a common occurrence. Increasing your speed on the streets will help in eluding the cops who are chasing you. Furthermore, there are numerous locations throughout the city in which you can perform heroic stunts with your car or motorcycle.

Perform amazing feats, document them, and receive a certain amount of money in the process. This game allows players to take control of unbelievable military equipment like police cars, S.W.A.T vans, helicopters, and even tanks. Cause terror between the public by showing your driving skills.

2. Dress Up your character:

Since you’ll be the crime boss, it’s only natural that you’ll need to dress the part. Therefore, in this game, players will have access to a variety of fashion stores with a wide range of amazing outfits and merchandise. Dress up as a killer if you want, and have a good time destroying the city or change the game by dressing more sophisticated way yet acting like a criminal.

3. Roam around the great City:

This is the first ever game to introduce players to a fully 3D amazing environment where they can become involved in a range of interesting and criminal activities. Dealing drugs, participating in street races, battling local gangs, and even facing the police are all possibilities.

Players can travel to different spots in Liberty City while encountering unusual gameplay and thanks to this countless hours of delightful game play. Take part in a variety of in-game tasks that aren’t all about crime.

4. Unlimited Coins:

The MOD APK version of this games comes with better features, for which you don’t have to spend a penny. This game comes with the feature of unlimited coins. You can buy many things with these coins including outfits and energy. Don’t feel like doing a crime today? better hire a cab with these unlimited coins and roam the city!

5. Amazing Video and Audio Quality:

In comparison to the previous game, the graphics of GTA 3 have been enhanced and the viewing experiences have been improved. All of the characters and cars in the game have been completely renovated to make them look even better. You’ll also have access to the thrilling high-resolution gaming that wasn’t present in previous versions. Immerse yourself in spectacular action on a whole different extreme.

Apart from the great graphics, you are also provided with different back ground music to enhance your game play. Use songs according to your mood. Even the audio quality is provided at its best. These music will definitely take you back to the good olden days!

GTA 3 MOD Characters-

  • Excellent HD resolution.
  • Ultimate graphics, vehicles and characters.
  • Unlimited hours of game play
  • Available for Android Phones
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlocked missions

How to download GTA 3 Mod Apk

  • Firstly, uninstall the previous version of this game.
  • Secondly, download this game from the link given below in this article.
  • Now, select the option from the settings to allow your device to install from unknown sources.
  • And now install the downloaded game in your smartphone.
  • Also install the OBB additional file to get additional features as well.
  • Finally, the game with unlimited mod features is ready to use.


APK Link: https://apkmody.io/games/gta-3-mod-apk/download/2

OBB Link: https://apkmody.io/games/gta-3-mod-apk/download/3


The series of GTA has won hearts of many. So we have brought to you the best version of this game. This game will definitely remind you of your good old days. Consider yourself as the lead character or the criminal gangster of this game. Go ahead of adventure, murder people, steal your favorite cars, and do not get caught by the police. Perhaps your main motive is to take revenge from your friend and ex girlfriend who betrayed you.

We have made this game contain unlimited coins so that you do not run out of money throughout the entire game. Gain invincibility, complete missions or skip the one you find tough. Spend your leisure time to complete this game. This game is completely free to play. Download today and complete your story.


1. Is this game available free of cost?

Yes, this game is available absolutely free of cost and with unlimited coins as mod feature.

2. Is this game safe to play?

Yes, definitely this game is 100% safe to play.

3. Dose this game age restricted?

This game is suggested for the users of or above 18 years of age.

4. Can I share my account with other users?

No, sharing of account is not permitted in this game.

5. Is there any chances of this application “GTA 3 Mod Apk”  getting banned?

There seems to be very less chance of this game getting banned. Play this game in a proper way.

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